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Colds in the first trimester of pregnancy

The risk of a cold during pregnancy in the early stages

The process of formation of the placenta ends inThird month of an interesting situation. It is known that the mother's blood with the blood of the baby is not mixed because of the fetoplacental barrier. This barrier does not allow the penetration of harmful substances into the child's blood system. But unfortunately, this barrier is not an obstacle for narcotic drugs, some medications, etc. The favorable condition of the future mother affects the child's condition. Toxic substances that produce immunity to fight infection, penetrating the fetoplacental barrier, can adversely affect the fetal condition. Protect yourself from the common cold in the first three months of pregnancy is especially important. Because this barrier is not yet formed and the developing organism of the child remains without the necessary protection.

In most cases, a cold in a mild formSpecial danger for the mother and child at the beginning of pregnancy is not. But with the long course of the disease or without treatment, the disease can cause complications and the most severe consequences. The high temperature of the body, which lasts for several days, can cause congenital heart disease in the baby. Especially dangerous is the gestation period from three to seven weeks. With a nasopharynx and throat disease (especially prolonged), the infection can penetrate the child through the placenta. Also complications for colds in the first trimester may lead to a delay in the development of the fetus, its internal organs. Hypoxia of the fetus may develop, which leads to changes in the central nervous system and the brain system, due to insufficient penetration of oxygen.

In the case of the transition of a slight rhinitis to sinusitisCan begin a real bronchitis, even pneumonia. This entails taking a large number of medications, which is very detrimental to the child. The cold, which began in the first weeks of pregnancy, when the expectant mother does not yet know about her situation, can cause the fetus to die before the menstrual cycle is delayed. In the first days of pregnancy, the embryo is particularly injured.

For the most pregnant the neglected disease canThreaten: spontaneous miscarriage, polyhydramnios. Also it should be taken into account that when a cold is ill, the psychological state of a woman is disturbed. There is weakness, irritability, dizziness, depression, loss of appetite, which directly affects the fetus. At the first signs of a cold, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, a woman should immediately go to the doctor to protect herself and her baby from negative consequences.

Treatment of colds in the first months of pregnancy

Treatment of colds in the first months of pregnancyShould be carried out with extreme caution. Independently medicines in any case can not be assigned to themselves - they can negatively affect the embryo. This is especially true for antibiotics. Be sure to call your therapist at home. Do not delay the call of a doctor, you need to treat a cold at once from the moment of its occurrence. Be sure to observe bed rest during treatment. Observe all the doctor's recommendations strictly. It is necessary to drink, to remove toxins from the body, a lot of liquid. When treating a cold, you need to adhere to a certain diet, which the doctor will recommend, taking into account pregnancy. Be sure to ventilate the room and moisten the air, in order to quickly exit the body from sputum. Remember that when treating a cold in the early stages of pregnancy, you must strictly follow the instructions of a specialist.

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