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Mold on food

Are food products that are moldy for health

Mold fungi are very common in nature. Molded mushrooms there are a huge number of species and some of them are even considered useful for food. The fact is that there are some types of mold that can be observed on a special cheese, on a spicy sausage salami. Green points in cheese and white coating on sausage, is the activity of molds. This kind of mold fungi is of a completely different kind than that of bakery products. In no way affect the human health molds, used specifically for the production of cheese of different types. The function of such mold is the preservation of the product and its specific odor. With the use of such mold, the products last much longer.

Some types of mold produce mycotoxin. This is an element that takes part in the metabolism and can lead to the formation of a cancerous tumor. But this happens only if you eat a lot of food stuffed with mold. With regular use of products with mold, in addition to increasing the risk for cancer, liver and kidney diseases can also develop.

Is it worth immediately throwing out the products on which mold has formed

Do not hesitate, you can send a trash canSuch moldy foods as cottage cheese, cream, yogurt, fruits and vegetables with juicy pulp (peaches, tomatoes, plums, etc.). This applies to compotes, juices, on the surface of which mold stains have already begun to form. According to dieticians, meat, meat products and bread are also worth sending to the trash.

Mold is relatively harmless, whichWas formed on a large piece of hard cheese, on a stick of salami or a serverel, on a loaf of bread. You can simply cut off a large piece from these products from a mold-infected fungus.

In such products as confiture, jam, jamThe degree of danger depends on the sugar, or rather on its content in them. If the sugar content exceeds 63%, you can simply remove the mold from above. This rule applies to purchased products, and home-made products, so as not to risk, it is best to discard.

Also cautious is to be blackened orMoldy dried fruits and nuts. If these foods taste a little bitter, then they are unsuitable for eating. This bitterness may indicate the presence in these products of aflatoxins, which are deadly.

In case you have doubts, it is betterDo not take risks and throw away the products affected by mold. But do not panic if you ate a little moldy product. In isolated cases, the ingestion of mycotoxins into the human body does not pose any threat to human health and life. Such substances only in that case create a danger when they accumulate carcinogenic.

How to prevent the formation of food on mold food

In order not to translate products, throwing them away because ofMolds, you need to take care that at all she does not appear on them. Use some tips. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, bakery products need to be bought fresh. Do not buy them in large quantities, use them as soon as possible. Fruits and vegetables are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator. After opening the package with juice, use the juice for 2 days. Bakery products, spices, nuts should be stored in a cool and dry place. Breadbaker regularly wipe with water, adding a little vinegar. When buying products, pay attention to the period of their storage and appearance. When you see a mold on a product, quickly get rid of it or these products so that the mold does not affect other foods.

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