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Dietary feeding of a nursing mother

Dietary nutrition that is recommended for a nursing mother

Women, after the birth of a child with dietaryNutrition should abandon high-calorie food or reduce its use to a minimum. In large doses, it is not recommended to eat any foods at all - overeating of any of the products is undesirable, since the child may have a dislike. The fact is that the condition of the crumbs depends directly on your diet. And women will be easier to lose those extra pounds.

One of the most serious violations of the child's health,Which is on breastfeeding is a food allergy that is associated with a mother's malnutrition. Therefore, dietary nutrition for a mother breastfeeding, involves the exclusion of foods from the diet that cause allergies. From the mother's menu it is necessary to exclude (in the first 6 months) citrus, tomatoes, strawberries, all vegetables of bright colors, shrimps, some varieties of fish. Also honey, cocoa, chocolate. Include such products in the diet of the mother should be very careful after six months.

At a dietary food it is not necessary to eat sharp, smoked, pickled dishes. Also avoid dishes where there is a lot of garlic and onions. These dishes give a taste to milk, which is not pleasant to your child.

In addition, the nursing mother with cautionIt is necessary to treat to such products which can cause in the child gases, colic. Such products include beans, peas, cabbage, green pepper, etc. Such products as figs, dried apricots, prunes and plums may cause the child to disrupt the digestive organs, which have not yet fully established their function.

With dietary nutrition, the mother should not takeWhole cow milk. It is better to dilute with water or add to tea. It is good to eat various fermented milk products. It is unacceptable to take medication while breastfeeding, without consulting with the doctor - this can adversely affect the condition of your baby.

You can not use during the mother's feeding seasonA large amount of salt and sugar, to avoid excess calories, and most importantly, to prevent the withdrawal of minerals from the body. Strong tea and coffee is also not worth drinking. But if you really want to drink these drinks immediately after feeding the baby, so that the caffeine can leave the body.

With dietary nutrition, the nursing mother shouldInclude in your diet little by little new products, but very carefully. Over time, the mother's nutrition should become as varied as possible, so that the child can receive all the useful substances necessary for its development. In no case should the mother "resort" to diets, which mean eating in small quantities. Nut should be normal, because the mother's body, producing milk, spends and so much energy.

Products that are recommended for dietary mothers

The main source of mineral salts, vitaminsAnd microelements are fruits and vegetables. In the diet of a mother breastfeeding, it is recommended to include Brussels and cauliflower, green beans, pumpkin, zucchini, squash, green salad, turnip, etc. Apples, peaches, watermelons (in small quantities), pears, bananas are useful from fruits.

Of products that contain proteins,Recommended for dietary nutrition: cottage cheese and curd products, sour-milk products (yogurt, kefir). Meat in boiled or baked form (lean pork, beef, rabbit, chicken, turkey). Of fish, it is recommended to hake, cod, pike perch. In small quantities, legumes and eggs.

Carbohydrates for nursing mothers with dietaryNutrition is recommended to "get" due to products such as bread, pasta, cereals, vegetables, berries and fruits. In a diet in winter and spring time, women can use fresh frozen fruits, vegetables and berries. Also juices with a neck (intended for diet and baby food) and freshly squeezed juices.

If you adhere to dietary nutrition in the periodFeeding, not giving yourself an "indulgence", then this for moms is enough to quickly lose weight after birth and provide your baby with a full and proper nutrition.

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