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How to dress pregnant

How to dress pregnant

Today, as never before a pregnant womanProvided a large selection of clothes for expectant mothers and those who follow the fashion, can pick up for themselves the right thing. Of course, you have to sacrifice chic. You will take into account the convenience and appearance.

Practical tips for choosing clothes

First borrow, then buy. Most women after the birth of children tend to get rid of clothes for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the wardrobe of pregnant women is limited and they are already bored with even the nicest things for childbirth. A pleasant ritual for those who have already given birth is to lend the old clothes to another pregnant woman. It can also happen that the clothes that fit well on your girlfriend will not suit you. Such things as leggings are very practical and in the first months after giving birth, women wear them. But I still have to buy some things.

Sew yourself

If you know how to sew, choose the fabric that youLike and sew a skirt or sarafan, a simple blouse. Go shopping, borrow some styles and sew yourself something of clothes. You can sew clothes from cotton, while ready-made clothing is made of synthetic materials.

Do not forget about fashion

Clothes for pregnant women should not bePrim, boring, childish. All pregnant women want to look slimmer, and a vertical thin strip on clothes will reduce the volume. Trousers tapering downwards, the corresponding pattern of a strip and shoulder pads will help a woman look slimmer and taller. It is necessary to combine a narrowed thin bottom with a volumetric top.

Dress so that it is convenient. Give preference to loose, flowing clothes. If you can not borrow anything from clothing, then as you increase in size, plan your purchases. Do not buy things on several sizes anymore. Very baggy and wide clothing is often uncomfortable and ugly.

Prefer cotton fabrics, they do not annoySensitive skin and allow it to "breathe". A free jersey is great for a pregnant woman. If you live in areas with a cold climate, you do not need to buy very warm things. You will not be allowed to freeze up the increased rate of metabolic processes and an additional layer of fat.

Choose elastic, loose clothing thatTogether with you will "grow". Prefer things with an elastic belt, clasps, lacing, eyelets, special insertion, as the abdomen increases, it will stretch. To your baggy outfit looked much better, use clips, they grab excess fabric on the sides.


If you are going to distract others from the abdomen,Take care of shoulders, hands, neck, head. Refer to tools such as the back of the shoulders, collars, watches, hats, necklaces, earrings and chic scarves. These accessories will decorate your things, so simple and comfortable.


Wear cotton free lingerie. Cotton "breathes", has sufficient strength and can withstand many washes. And as for hosiery, stockings are more convenient than pantyhose. But most women prefer to wear special tights for pregnant women with special support for veins. To reduce breast slack after delivery, you need to wear a supporting bra during the entire pregnancy, and if necessary, wear it at night.

Comfortable shoes

Because of the additional amount of liquidPregnant legs swell and the size of the leg increases. Do not suffer and buy yourself new shoes. Heels of shoes with an increase in the period of pregnancy become wider and smaller. Comfortable and stable will be soft shoes on a low wedge. Shoes should be chosen so that they can be easily put on, without the help of hands.

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