/ How to choose underwear for pregnant women

How to choose lingerie for pregnant women

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of material, fromWhich is sewn linen, because the skin during pregnancy is very sensitive. The main requirements for laundry fabrics include the following: good moisture absorption, hypoallergenicity and the ability to pass air well.

Of course, the best option is products fromCotton. But time passes and now there is such a good fabric, like microfiber. This fabric is able to maintain the temperature regime of the skin, and also meets all hygiene requirements. In addition, the fabric is very elastic, and therefore perfectly suited for such linen - not only fits the figure, but also supports it. To all other things, clothes made of such cloth, together with cotton, can, as it were, "grow" with a woman, or rather its forms, while things do not stretch and retain their pulling properties. Undoubtedly, underwear for pregnant women should be not only comfortable, but also sexy.

The first changes in a woman occur in the chest: It increases and swells much earlier than the time when the stomach begins to grow. Such a beautiful and luxurious breasts are in great need of support and require very tender treatment of themselves. Therefore, you should choose a specialized bra, which in the future can be easily transformed and regulated.

Cups of a special bra shouldProvide for the fact that the breasts will increase, and therefore they must stretch; They should not have stitches, bones and other rigid elements that can harm a woman's health. Brittles should be soft and broad, because their main task is to remove the load from the shoulders to prevent stoop. If during pregnancy breast increases rapidly in size, then the bra is better not to take off even at night, then you can avoid stretch marks and overall worsening of the shape of the breast after childbirth.

In stores there is a large selection of modelsPanties designed for pregnant women. Some grab the belly and support it, and some just dress under it. There is a mandatory requirement for such panties - this is the presence of a crotch, which is made of pure cotton.

In winter it is necessary to wear insulatedClosed panties, and in summer it's better to choose thongs or mini panties. High panties for women in the position should not overtighten the belly, on the waist and on the sides, insertions from any elastic material are desirable.

Often, pregnant women are advised to wear supportive bandages or belts. As a rule, belts are used in early terms, and bandages are used later.

Belts and bandages are designed toRelieve tension from the back, unload the sacrum and waist. This is done due to the fact that the load on the joints is evenly distributed, the stomach is supported, which prevents the appearance of stretch marks. If a woman suffers from varicose veins or has a multiple pregnancy, the bandage is mandatory.

Bandages can be in the form of a belt with Velcro or inThe form of panties. The first type of bandages is very simple to use, but they must be often washed. Belts are convenient because they have Velcro, with their help you can easily change the size of the bandage.

Choose a bandage is very carefully: There should be no squeezing, it is comfortable not only for the future mother, but also for the child. If the child is very mobile, the mother has greatly increased in weight, as well as the existence of a threat of miscarriage, then the bandage must be worn constantly.

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