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Supplementary feeding for pregnant women

Supplementary feeding for pregnant women

Many products that stand on shelvesShops, are often dangerous to the health of the baby and his mother. This applies to those products that are stuffed with different dyes, fillers, preservatives. They must be abandoned and learned how to choose the right products and competently. The diet should include natural food. These are sour-milk products, fresh goat or cow's milk, freshly squeezed juices. When cooking, use gentle mode to save important vitamins and trace elements.

How to apply additional food?

Doctors recommend breastfeeding and pregnant womenAdditional food. Recently it has become very popular. This food is sold as a dry mixture, before use it must be diluted with water. The thing is that breastfeeding and pregnant women need to get more carbohydrates, fats, proteins, microelements and vitamins. But because of frequent toxicosis, a woman can not always get them with regular food, so she refuses many products.

Useful substances when breastfeeding are not alwaysEnough for two. This situation can be improved by additional enriched food. With the help of it you can make up for the lack of nutrients in the body. In addition, many pregnant women experience heartburn, nausea, heaviness in the stomach, discomfort. There comes to the rescue additional food, which has in its composition inulin (dietary fiber). It normalizes digestion, strengthens the immunity of women, stimulates the formation of useful flora of the intestine.

In addition, this food contains the necessaryNormal body work - carbohydrates, fats, their balanced formula will not lead to excess kilograms. The dry mixture contains docosahexagenic acid. Such an element is very important and useful for the normal development of the child's brain, for the retina of the future baby's eyes. Included in the iron, calcium eliminates the lack of calcium, prevents the development of anemia, which will prevent the development of rickets and useful for normal growth of bone tissue. The presence of folic acid will reduce the development of various malformations of the nervous system of the fetus.

For lactating mothers, additionalfood. It increases the period of breastfeeding, improves the composition of breast milk. But do not count on additional food. Breastfeeding mother needs to diversify her diet. Together with the usual food you need to use the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Do not forget about vitamins. For normal brain development. Heart muscle, skeleton, children need calcium, it is necessary every day to drink sour-milk products, consume fresh milk, cottage cheese, and also fish and meat.

If the nursing woman does not have enough milk, then additional food will come to the rescue. It will improve the nutritional quality of milk and increase its quantity.

It can be concluded that eating pregnant womenShould be quality, correct and balanced. If necessary, on the advice of a doctor, nursing and pregnant women need to consume extra food, it will fill the missing nutrients in the body. Be healthy!

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