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Choosing a name for a girl

How to choose a name for the girl?

The process of choosing a name for girls can causeHome disputes. In these disputes, relatives take part, they defend their positions, give advice. In such a situation, the correct way is for the parents themselves to name their daughter. And before registering the girl do not name the chosen name. And on all questions about the name of another name or popular name this year. This will confuse the relatives and give them ideas for reflection. Before you name your daughter, think about how it will be combined with your patronymic and surname. Do not dwell on a too common and simple name. Few people might like it if six Cath and Natasha are studying in the classroom? In some families there are traditions of calling girls after some relatives and grandmothers. Here you need to be careful. No wonder they say that the girl will repeat the fate of that relative, after whom she was named.

Other parents to have their daughter correspondModern flow and was stylish, picking popular names. You do not need to invent very rare and unusual names for girls. Not everyone can choose beautiful names for girls. In advance, find out the meaning of the chosen name for the girl, what it means. Some advise choosing names by month, then the name must match the time of the year in which the girl was born. For girls who were born in winter, you need to give gentle and gentle names. And the girls who were born in the spring, you should come up with a tough name. Summer girls need to pick up a name that will match their character, these girls are usually active, proud, persistent. Autumn girls have a balanced nature, their mind is clear, they like to check everything themselves, they are incredulous and very realistic about life.

Some give their child an outstanding name andThen there are Kirs, Carolina, Bozhena. It is difficult to predict what kind of character the girl will have, whether she can confidently and safely wear a non-ordinary and common name.

If you can get a nice name,So that it was unique, call your girl that name, but it should not cut the ears. Otherwise, a girl with that name will outlive at school many unpleasant moments. Or giving the girl a name in honor of someone, maybe you should find a replacement for him, for example, in honor of Pelagia, call the girl Polina.

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