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Melt water for body cleansing

How does melt water work on the human body?

High-quality water, which does not contain chloride,Harmful compounds and substances, salts that have a minimum of deuterium and heavy water - this is melt water. As a result of the melting of ice, such water forms and, of course, it was initially frozen. During the transition to a solid state, a qualitative, crystalline structure of water takes place. The meltwater has amazing properties. It can accelerate all processes in the body, especially metabolic and biological, restores cells in the body. All this leads to purification and rejuvenation of the body. Quenching thirst with melt water, the metabolic processes accelerating the removal of waste and other harmful substances from the body are accelerated.

In the human body, old and destroyedCells hamper the formation of young and new cells. Because of the accelerated process of metabolism, thanks to thawed water, the old cells are eliminated from the body, which contributes to the slowing down of the aging process. Also, under the action of thawed water, the working capacity of all organs is regulated and immunity is strengthened. Increases brain activity, blood levels of cholesterol decrease. Also melt water helps to speed up the recovery processes, contributes to getting rid of dermatological and allergic diseases. Helps to fight with extra pounds and improves digestion. With the help of such water, people are energetically charged, less tired.

Melt water rejuvenates our body, improvesVital activity and metabolism in every cell of the body, restores self-regulation. This is because it is similar to the structure of the intercellular fluid. Such a liquid is of great importance in the life of the cells of the body. Cells in it throw out the waste materials, in the same place the remains of already dead cells are collected. Melt water helps in this intercellular fluid, while it refreshes it and cleans it of toxins. Cleansing the body when exposed to thawed water is very effective.

How to make this water at home

People living in high mountain areas,Consuming melt water constantly (there is not contaminated ice) have a life expectancy of 20-30 years more than those who do not use it. Not for nothing mountaineers are considered long-livers. In our environment, snow and ice are contaminated, so we can not use such a method as simply melt them.

At home, you can make this waterThemselves. Pour the water into the mold and put it in the freezer. After the water freezes, remove it and leave the ice to melt at room temperature. Boiled water can not be used, because the water structure is completely different. When using tap water, first let it stand for a few hours. But this method is not the most effective. This is because the water is not yet sufficiently purified from certain impurities. But despite this, such water also positively affects the body. Do not use plastic forms when freezing water, as they release harmful substances during freezing.

To clean the water to the end, pour water inContainer and put in the freezer. Leave it there until the first ice appears. Then take out this ice crust and discard it. It is in the upper crust of the ice are harmful impurities. Then put this water in the freezer again and leave it there until the moment when most of it does not freeze. The remaining unfrozen part must also be drained. The remaining ice is the same water that is so useful to the body and is an excellent means for its purification. Ready water after thawing should be drunk for five hours while it stores its altered structure. Melt water should not be boiled, as it completely changes its structure. Use this water constantly instead of plain water and after a while you will feel and see positive results.

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