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Can not conceive a child, what should I do?

In many cases, childlessness is the cause of discord among young people. Therefore it is very important to find out which methods to use to conceive a child.

A book written by Lisa Olsen helpsTo infertile women to conceive a child with the help of natural methods. With the help of this book, many women are able to fulfill their dream of conception for several months. The book is called "The Miracle of Pregnancy" and is very valuable for women who want to become moms.

For the conception of the child,Alternative options, such as intrauterine insemination (WMO), or in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is always a reasonable option for treating infertility.

It is impossible to conceive a child? What to do? - many newlyweds ask

There are certain facts that need to be knownTo everyone who wants to become pregnant. You can resort to natural options. There are different kinds of vitamins that can be extremely useful in restoring productive health, there are also certain minerals and vitamins that your partner should use to help in the process of conception. Consumption of vitamin C increases the mobility of sperm, zinc will help your partner in maintaining his sperm, as well as his testosterone level.

Find the best time to have sex with yourPartner. Try to understand when ovulation occurs. Monitoring your basal body temperature will help you find out. Ovulation ends when the temperature reaches its peak.

Buy kits that predict ovulation. This kit will help determine the time of ovulation by analyzing urine.

Orgasm of a woman increases the flow of blood to the cervix. This helps the sperm to be absorbed into the cervix.

Avoid stress. Stress can lead to infertility. Sometimes a quiet rest will speed up the process of conception.

Talk with your doctor to rule out any medical problems if you could not get pregnant after trying for a year.

Low number of spermatozoa is frequentCause infertility in couples who are trying to conceive a child. If the ovaries of the woman and the uterus are healthy and do not have any obvious signs of abnormality, then it's time to look at the role of the man in this situation.

Low number of spermatozoa can becomeCause that the child can not be conceived. Such processes can be treated with hormones and drugs prescribed by a doctor. In addition, there are natural remedies that men use to keep the spermatozoa in excellent form.

Quit smoking. Long-term smoking reduces the amount of oxygen available in the blood, which has a negative effect on the production of sperm. Carcinogens in tobacco products can cause malformations of spermatozoa. Most defective spermatozoa do not know how to swim far enough to reach the oocyte, and the few that reach the target can not produce viable embryos.

Reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol slows down many processes in the body, including the number of spermatozoa.

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