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Technique of head massage

General requirements for the technique of head massage

The total time of massage should be 15-20 minutes. To begin massage it is necessary with easy warming up of a head and easy movements reminding stroking of a head. During the massage the pressure should be gradually increased. Finish the massage again with light strokes.

A competent technique for performing head massage should include four types of movements: stroking, circular, pusher and vibrating movements.


It is a technique with which allHead area massage. We do the stroking with a half-bent brush, slightly touching the scalp with fingers (pads of fingers). Brushes at this point should be relaxed.

It is important to ensure that during stroking, the scalp is rubbed and slightly shifted. Strong pressure on the skin is not recommended. All movements are light and smooth.

Easy stroking at the first stage is able to activate the outflow of fluid, accelerate blood circulation, relax the muscles, cleanse the sebaceous glands, calm the nervous system.

Vibrating movements

These movements are considered an energetic kind of massage. They are made with the help of a palm or pads of fingers. In the process of this technique, we make oscillatory movements on one of the skin areas with brushes, step-by-step moving across the entire surface, which is massaged. The strength of such movements can vary. It is possible during the massage not to tear off the hands and continuously act on it with the help of pressure. Another option is to apply to the scalp weak rhythmical successive strokes. Vibrating movements effectively increase muscle tone and very well affect the tissues. These movements, as a rule, perform in the process of completing the head massage.

Circular movements

This massage pays great attention to the hairyParts of the head. It, as you already guessed, is done with the help of circular motions. The main thing to watch is that the movements are not sliding. To do this, it is necessary to initially not strongly press down the head, and then, with the help of smooth movements, move in a direction to the side. At this point, you need to ensure that the palms are bent, the fingers are slightly apart. Fingers need to make light touch to the scalp. By the way, the thumb should serve as a support, and the rest of the fingers - a massager.

Do not need to press your fingers hard on the scalp, just massage the chosen place and switch to another.

This head massage very effectively relaxes.

Pusher movements

Otherwise they are called methods of shock vibration, thatIn themselves include effleurage. It is this effleurage that perfectly softens the scalp. During this massage, you can gradually, but slightly increase the touch. That's only necessary to do it very carefully.

The position of the hands at the time of this massage is completelyCorresponds to the technique of the previous type (circular motions). These two massages differ only in the nature of their technique. To make efflorescence it is necessary by means of exclusively pads of fingers. These movements must have a certain periodicity and be produced in the form of independent tremors, which are repeated.

After each such push, we move our fingers to another area or move the hand or change the distance between the fingers.

Tapping is done abruptly and rigidly.

These movements, as well as vibrating because of their vigor, it is recommended to use in the middle of a head massage.

With the help of pushing movements it is possible to adjustWork of the central nervous system, stabilize metabolic and nutritional processes that occur in the area of ​​the massaged area, and also effectively improve muscle tone.

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