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Than it is dangerous herpes during pregnancy

Getting into the body, the virus is actively developing and withA current of blood and along the nerve trunks from the source of reproduction propagated through the body. Often in the female body, the herpes virus affects the cervix (its canal). For a long time, HSV can hide, asymptomatically exist and at a time when female immunity is weakened, it can become more active. A pretty good period for herpes is pregnancy. Consider how dangerous herpes is during pregnancy.

Dangers of herpes during pregnancy

Herpes at pregnancy seriously can do much harmHealth of the child. Premature birth, underweight, external deformities, mental underdevelopment, internal organ damage. Herpes on the lips, nose is not as dangerous as genital herpes in pregnancy.

In pregnancy, genital herpes especiallyIt is dangerous for women's health and baby's health. Herpes destructive effect can have on the tissues, organs of the fetus. Due to the severity of the pathologies that may occur in the fetus, this virus only leads to rubella. At the beginning of pregnancy, primary infection can be the cause of undeveloped pregnancy and spontaneous abortions. The occurrence of herpes in the second half of pregnancy is dangerous congenital anomalies of the fetus. It threatens retinal pathology, microcephaly, congenital viral pneumonia, heart defects, etc. The herpes simplex virus often causes the death of a baby after birth. It can also cause the herpes virus of epilepsy, deafness and child cerebral palsy. Women who have the herpes virus asymptomatically, are more likely to become a source of infection for the baby than women who have a typical manifestation of the disease.

When planning a pregnancy, the expectant mother should know,That bearing a baby - for the body a lot of stress, during it defenses are depleted. Often physiological changes cause an exacerbation of many latent infections, herpes is no exception. Before the onset of pregnancy, it is necessary to be examined for the presence of HSV on the mucous genitalia, to establish the presence of antibodies to the virus. In case if during pregnancy there is a herpes in a woman, and the level of antibodies will match the norm, then the baby with the virus will get antibodies to him and there will be no danger to his health. If during pregnancy a woman develops primary herpes, or an exacerbation of HSV with rashes in the genital tract or on the cervix, then there is a danger of this situation. Increased risk of infection of the baby at birth, while passing through the birth canal.

If there is a pregnant woman in the blood,Intrauterine infection of the fetus in the absence of antibodies to the virus. Through the placenta or during childbirth, the herpes virus infects the baby. The risk of infection of the baby with prolonged childbirth increases and depends on the severity of the infection. Also increases the risk of contracting the crumbs with a prolonged anhydrous period. Quite often in such cases, the pregnant woman is sent to a planned cesarean section.

Herpes is very dangerous during pregnancy. If you are planning to become a mother in advance, you need to visit a doctor and examine the cavity. Also, if herpes occurred during an interesting situation, then at the first symptoms of the disease, seek help from specialists.

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