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Mandatory analyzes for the exchange card

This document consists of three parts, or coupons:

  • Information from a woman's consultation about a pregnant woman. It contains information about the period of pregnancy, the features of the course of previous pregnancies, previous births and subsequent periods of recovery, that is, what is of great importance for a specialist who watches delivery for a woman and a pediatrician in a maternity hospital. Important information is mandatory tests for the exchange card.
  • Information of the maternity ward of a hospital or maternity home about a woman. This part is written before discharge from the obstetric hospital and is intended for transfer to a women's consultation.
  • Information from the maternity ward about the newborn. It is written in the children's department of the obstetric hospital for the subsequent transfer to a children's polyclinic.

Mandatory tests of the pregnant woman

Examination for Rh factor and blood group. This procedure is carried out twice, at the veryThe beginning of the period of pregnancy and just before the onset of labor. Obviously, these factors will not change during pregnancy, but due to complications in blood transfusion of the wrong group are very serious and usually doctors in such cases prefer to be reinsured. This especially applies to the case when the father of a child has a Rh factor positive, and a woman negative.

Blood test for presence of syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C. Used to determine the degree of vulnerabilityOrganism of a woman to these infections. It goes without saying that during pregnancy no one will treat viral hepatitis, but with HIV and syphilis, there are a number of drug-related measures that reduce the likelihood that this pathology will be present in the child.

General blood analysis. Carried out with an approximate frequency of timesIn two months. This is a very simple test, but it provides enough information for the doctor, allowing him to judge the state of the woman's body. Most often, experts are interested in such indicators as hemoglobin level and the indicator of red blood cells, as anemia is often enough in pregnant women, and this allows her to recognize and start therapy with the help of gland and diet preparations in time. Also, the analysis allows you to know about the presence of foci of chronic infections.

Blood chemistry. This procedure provides information on how,How the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract works. It allows you to know by the level of glucose, whether the pancreas normally works, namely, its area that is responsible for the production of insulin, which the body needs for normal glucose uptake.

General urine analysis. This test is conducted to determine howOrgans of the urinary system. According to its results, one can say whether the kidneys work normally, whether gestosis has begun or to what extent the disease is.

Taking a smear to study the flora of the urethra, the vagina and the cervical canal. This procedure allows the gynecologist to examine, inWhat condition are the birth canal of a pregnant woman. If the deviations from normal indicators are diagnosed, then this may indicate that there is an infection. In this case, additional tests are carried out using the PCR method. However, even if the test gives a positive result, that is, the infection is still present, then do not worry - the specialist will necessarily take measures for treatment.

In addition, often in a pregnant womanThrush (vaginal candidiasis) begins. It depends on the changes in the hormonal balance, the immune status of the organism, the state of the vaginal flora, etc. A smear test can help to quickly identify pathology and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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