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The first signs of a stiff pregnancy

What does a dead pregnancy mean?

With this pregnancy, development stopsFetus, he perishes. Most often this pregnancy occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. Provoke the termination of the fetal life can various inflammatory processes in the female body and many other factors. During a dead pregnancy, it may not be possible to find out the reasons for its occurrence, which poses a great threat to the future offspring. To show signs of pregnancy with such a pathology can not only in the early, but also in later terms.

Causes of this pathology

Causes for the birth of a dead pregnancyquite a bit of. These are chromosomal changes in the fetus, hormonal disorders in the female body, infectious diseases, various chronic infections and others. But the most common cause is the wrong lifestyle of a pregnant woman. It is the abuse of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes. And also the use of potent drugs, typical diseases: chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, herpes, etc.

The first signs of a stiff pregnancy

Often in the early stages of pregnancy, they can beTo reveal only on planned next inspection at the gynecologist. But the examination can be after some time after the birth of a frozen pregnancy, since it manifests itself without obvious signs, hardly noticeable.

The first symptom that can signifyThe beginning of the problem, there can be a sharp cessation of toxicosis, if of course the woman suffered from this ailment. Simultaneously, signs that are peculiar to pregnancy cease: pain in the region of the breasts, lowering of the basal temperature, and others. But, unfortunately, a woman who is in the first trimester of an interesting situation, these symptoms may not give much importance. At a later date, a frozen pregnancy can manifest itself with different signs. This is the appearance of bloody discharge, discomfort and pain in the lower abdomen. Such signs may be the cause of exfoliation of the fetal egg, which can lead to miscarriage.

In late pregnancy, the first signsWithout attention, women do not remain. In late terms, a frozen pregnancy is characterized by the fact that the fetus stops moving. To my great regret, even specialists can not give concrete recommendations how to accurately determine the termination of fetal development at home. It is possible that the woman's abdomen in the event of a frozen pregnancy continues to increase and tests can confirm the presence of pregnancy. But thus the empty shell (fetal) develops, but not the fetus.

The following symptoms are also observed with a frozenPregnancy: fever above 37.5 degrees, drawing pains in the abdomen and lower back, deterioration in general condition, decrease in the volume of the abdomen. But these signs may not immediately appear, but in five to seven days after the fetal development stops.

A woman, knowing the signs of thisPathology, can in time turn to a specialist and immediately begin treatment. The sooner medical care is provided, the better. When the deceased fetus is in the uterus for more than 5-6 weeks, development of desyntiated intravascular coagulation may occur, otherwise the ICE syndrome is spoken. In this case, bleeding can lead to the most disastrous consequences, since the blood ceases to coagulate.

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