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Delay in men with no pregnancy

The causes of menstrual cycle delay in women

The causes of delay in menstruation can be associated with certain diseases. In the absence of menstruation it can be gynecological, infectious and endocrine diseases.

Periodic delays of monthlyAbsence of pregnancy for polycystic ovaries. Under this disease, several pathological processes are combined, during which the production of hormones is disrupted. In the body, there is no escape from the ovary of the ovum (ovulation) and infertility occurs. Polycystic ovaries are observed in problems with the functions of various organs: the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland, the ovaries, the hypothalamus and the thyroid gland.

There may be a delay in the menstrual cycle whenA yellow body cyst in the ovary. If ovulation has occurred, a yellow body has formed and hormonal failure occurred shortly before menstruation, then as a result of the stress that has happened, the yellow body continues to "work" for some time. Because of this, menstruation will not begin on time.

Delay of the cycle can be caused by gynecological diseases. This uterine myoma, inflammation of the uterine appendages and others.

Delay in menstruation may occur due toInflammation of the internal genitalia. When inflammation of these organs, the ovaries experience considerable stress. In this case, the functioning and ovulation of the yellow body, the processes of maturation of the follicle are violated, because of what possible delays monthly. There can be various causes of inflammatory processes, including infectious diseases.

Also, the cause of the cycle delay is an interruptPregnancy. This happens due to a violation of the hormonal balance. When scraping the uterus, a large number of tissues could be removed, along with the inner lining of the uterus. In this case, menstruation may occur much later than the term. This delay is not considered normal, it is necessary for a woman to be examined.

Also, there are often delays in menstruationAfter forty years. In women at this age, the functions of the ovaries fade, often ovulation is delayed or not at all. Taking hormonal contraceptives too can cause a cycle delay. In this case, the menstrual cycle is self-restored in one to three months.

Other causes of delay are monthly, if the pregnancy test is negative

The consequence of great physical exertion in a womanThere may be a delay in menstruation. Usually this happens when women actively and sharply begin to play sports. The delay in the menstrual cycle in this case is the body's reaction to changes.

A sharp change in climatic conditions is also the reason for the delay in menstruation. The organism can not immediately adapt to climatic changes, because of this, the cycle can be delayed.

Quite often short-term or long-termStress causes disruption of functions in the central structures (hypothalamus, cerebral cortex) that regulate the operation of the uterus and ovaries. The cause of hormonal changes can be any stress, and the consequence - the delay in menstruation.

Another reason for delay in menstruation may beExhaustion of the body. Usually, exhaustion occurs as a result of a strict diet. To restore the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to take multivitamins and eat foods that will replenish the body with useful substances necessary for its normal activity.

There is a concept - critical menstrualweight. As a rule, in girls with this weight begins the first menstruation. But if a woman who follows a diet has a weight below 45 kg, the cycle can be disrupted for a long time.

In any case, with a delay in menstruation withAbsence of pregnancy it is necessary to consult with a specialist in this field and to undergo the necessary examinations to prevent serious negative consequences.

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