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Dysbacteriosis during pregnancy

How does dysbiosis manifest during an interesting situation?

With this disease there is a largeAmount of pathogenic flora. And these are proteins, streptococci, staphylococci and other microorganisms. Symptoms of dysbiosis are very diverse. This pathology is characterized during pregnancy by bloating, belching, fever above 37.5 degrees. And also there are heartburn, allergic reactions, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, etc.

The human body is inhabited by various speciesBacteria. Useful bacteria protect the body from viruses and "control" the presence of pathogenic microbes. At the same time, these bacteria are involved in the digestion of food, promote the breakdown of complex proteins and carbohydrates, help digest vitamins, fats, iron, etc. If the "microbial balance" in the intestine begins to actively develop pathogenic microorganisms, resulting in useful bifidobacteria and lactobacilli Perish. As a result, metabolism, hepatic toxins, carcinogens, neurotoxins get into the blood. Violated local immunity, antiviral protection is reduced. This process negatively affects pregnancy, because the body remains unprotected from bacteria.

What are the causes of bacteriosis?

Bacteriosis in pregnancy can develop fromUse of antibiotics that kill microorganisms necessary to maintain the balance of microflora. Some experts believe that the radiation of household appliances also has a negative impact on the microflora of the body, affects the state of the environment (the level of air pollution). Also, inadequate nutrition affects the development of bacteriosis. Nowadays, a large number of products contain dyes, preservatives and other chemical additives. The consequence of this disease can be other disorders of the body. These are diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract, changes in hormonal metabolism and salt metabolism, allergic reactions, etc.

How to avoid the development of this disease during pregnancy

In order to dysbacteriosis was not possibleDevelop during pregnancy, it is best to take action in advance. It is possible to treat this pathology, but it is not desirable, because any drugs have a negative effect on the child. To reduce the risk of this disease, you need to even before conceiving a child, to cure possible chronic diseases. The diet of a pregnant woman should be right and balanced. To prevent the disease, it is advisable to use future products such as dog rose, prunes, dried apricots, red currants. And also cranberries, bread with bran, oatmeal, dill, carrots. It is useful to use sour-milk products, which are rich in bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. A woman during pregnancy will have a minimal chance of having a dysbiosis with taking multivitamin preparations. These drugs are able to fill the deficit of essential nutrients that do not enter the body with ordinary food.

If a pregnant woman falls illDysbacteriosis, then you should immediately seek help from a doctor. Self-medication is not worth it. In our time, the treatment of this pathology during pregnancy is carried out by prebiotics. They help develop beneficial bacteria by destroying harmful bacteria. Also, when treating a specialist, the nutrition of a pregnant woman is adjusted.

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