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A large increase in weight during pregnancy

What should be the optimal weight gain

Normal weight gain during pregnancyRanges from 9 kg to 15 kg. In the case when a woman suffers from excess weight, the allowance should not be more than 10 kg, but already with obesity, the weight gain should not exceed 6 kg. In the event that a pregnant woman gets more than 1 kg per week, tell your doctor about it. It should be borne in mind that the rate of weight gain for each woman is individual. But there are groups of women who can not take any action on their own. This group includes: young mothers who have not yet completed the growth of the body, women with excess weight, women with low weight and those who wear more than one fruit.

Than excess weight for mother is dangerous

A large increase in kilograms duringPregnancy can provoke diseases of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, changes in the endocrine function. Excess weight exerts additional stress on the internal organs and spine. There is a threat of premature birth or miscarriage. Large weight can cause emergency caesarean section. Excess kilograms exert an extra burden on the mother's legs, which can cause varicose veins. And also at childbirth there can be undesirable complications: a strong loss of blood, infection in the urinary tract, premature discharge of water (amniotic fluid). Large weight can cause the birth of a child sooner or later than the desired period, as well as complications of the postpartum period.

Than excess weight of the pregnant woman for the baby is dangerous

Excessive weight gain also affectsChild. At the big weight of mother at the child following undesirable consequences can develop: deficiency of nutrients, oxygen starvation, neurologic diseases, disproportion between a head and a basin of the kid. If a woman has extra pounds in excess, it is very difficult to assess the development and condition of the fetus during pregnancy, as the layer of fat interferes. A baby can be born too large, which can lead to a delay in the development of the fetus, as well as a tendency to gain excess weight.

How to avoid a set of extra pounds

The most basic thing in pregnancy is a balanced diet. The main products in the diet for pregnant women should be fruits and vegetables. Use less fried foods.

If you have problems with extra pounds, thenReduce calorie intake, but no more than 10%. Fat is necessary for the developing fetus. But very large women are advised to use low-fat dairy products and low-fat meat. Simple refined carbohydrates are replaced by complex unrefined ones. For example, white rice, white pastries, syrups, sweets substitute vegetables, beans, brown rice. Limit the use of salt, so as not to provoke a delay in the body fluid. Eat often, but in small portions. Tea, coffee and chocolate saturate the body not only with a large number of calories, but also with caffeine. This makes it difficult for the body to absorb calcium, folic acid and iron, so limit the use of these products. You can not starve in any way, it's enough to control your weight. Fasting can be a threat of termination of pregnancy! In addition, it can cause the birth of a baby with low weight, which contributes to the development of the child's mental and physical problems, and can also affect metabolism and brain activity.

It helps to burn extra calories specialphysiotherapy. It will also positively affect your well-being and prepare you for childbirth. Do not worry again if you do not succeed, because it affects the child. To avoid a big weight gain, monitor your diet and listen to your doctor's recommendations.

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