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Is it possible to plan the sex of the unborn child?

Planning by blood.

For example, there is an opinion that the sex of the babyCan affect the rhythm of the sexual life of parents, a few months before the planned conception. Guided by this view, in order for a boy to be born, to have sex as often as possible, and prolonged abstinence will reward you with a girl.

Focusing on the method of planning the sex of the childBy blood, you should know that the cyclicity of the blood renewal of the sexes is different (the male blood is renewed four times, the female blood is renewed four times, the female blood is three). To plan the desired sex of the child by this method, it is necessary to calculate the periods of blood renewal for both spouses. Those who plan a boy, the time of conception should be podgodat to the phase of blood updates of the pope. And the probability of a girl's birth will increase in the event that conception is necessary for the time of the "new" blood of the future mother.


By the assumption of many, in the establishment of sex, notThe last role is played by diet. According to this theory, approximately three weeks before the expected date of conception, one should adhere to a certain diet, and for a woman the term is prolonged for another 1.5 to 2 months after fertilization. The probability of a girl's birth will increase if salt, smoked meat, buns are minimized, and include fish, eggs, nuts, sour-milk products, fruits in the diet. The opportunity to conceive a male child will appear if meat, yeast bread, cereals, salted and smoked delicacies are preferred, and seafood dishes should be limited.

Parity of age.

Among all the other theories, one can meet andThe method of planning the sex of the child is based on the parity of the age of the woman. In this case, everything is simple! When planning a girl, the parity of the full years of the woman and the month of conception coincide. With the boy everything is exactly, on the contrary - for an even age the conception is desirable in odd months, and for odd age, respectively, in even ones. In women of odd age, the possibility of conception of a male child increases during the year, and for women of even age, the conception of a female child will dominate these days.

In addition, you can calculate the gender of the child byLunar calendar, ancient Chinese tables or the Japanese method ... The Internet offers a lot of unique opportunities and suggestions to compile an individual calendar for the conception of a child of a certain sex (of course, not free of charge), guaranteeing hardly probable, not absolute probability.

I do not want to disappoint all those who are trying to plan the sex of the future child - but it is quite clear that there are no guarantees in this matter.

To a certain extent scientifically-explainable,Is a method based on life expectancy and motility of spermatozoa, and the interval between ovulation. It is known that the spermatozoa responsible for the conception of the boy - bearing the Y chromosome, are more mobile, but less viable. Their life expectancy is about 24-36 hours. In turn, the spermatozoa carrying the X chromosome are slower than the male ones, but they are more stable, and their life span varies within 48-72 hours. According to this technique, the most favorable moment of in vitro fertilization is the day of ovulation, which usually falls on the middle of the woman's menstrual cycle. And if you are planning a girl, sexual intercourse should occur 2-3 days before the expected ovulation, after which it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse for several days. The boy is more likely to "get" on the day of ovulation. However, this method is also very approximate, mainly because it is quite difficult even with the help of all modern diagnostic test systems to accurately determine the moment of ovulation.

In the end, whatever way you take advantage of - the main thing is to love your baby from the very first moments, which very soon will be born and will be the most desired and happy.

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