/ What foods help to lose weight

What foods help to lose weight

Fruit for weight loss

  • The most common pears and apples help to lose weight. They are rich in pectin, they fill the stomach well, causing a feeling of satiety. Ideal for snacking and contain the necessary minerals and vitamins.
  • Bananas have a small number of calories and a lot of nutrients.
  • Ginger in its composition contains a substance thatHelps to remove slags from the body, regulates metabolism and normalizes digestion. The root of ginger increases the blood circulation of the stomach and improves its secretion, thereby improving the digestion of food. Accelerated metabolism helps to lose excess pounds faster.
  • Grapefruit, as well as juice from it helps to reduceThe level of insulin, thereby discouraging hunger. If 3 times a day, after eating eat half a grapefruit or drink 150 ml of juice, then a couple of weeks, the weight will decrease by two kilograms.
  • Figs make digestion easier, since it contains a lot ofUseful ballast substances. It is enough to eat a couple of pieces in order to remove the feeling of hunger. In the figs there is no fat and few calories. It is very good to add figs in muesli.

Vegetables for weight loss

  • It is useful to start a dinner with cauliflower,Seasoned with lemon juice. The vegetable is rich in fiber, a feeling of satiety without excess calories. Thus, you will have less room for food with a higher calorie content.
  • Sweet pepper is a product that contains carotene, vitamin C and many other useful substances. It is delicious and low-calorie.
  • It is very good to include olives in your diet when losing weight, as they help remove excess fluid from the body.
  • Promotes losing weight cold soups, becauseForce the body to expend calories. The body needs to squander the calories to warm up the food, and then to digest it. Also promote weight loss vegetable soups, purees, which include cabbage. Fiber, which is found in cabbage, promotes the excretion of cholesterol from the body.
  • Peanuts accelerate and improve metabolism in the body, and also helps reduce cholesterol. But do not eat it a lot, since it contains a lot of calories. It is enough to eat 10-12 nuts a day.

Other products for weight loss

  • Help to lose weight products containing phosphorus. It's fish and seafood. Fish is not only rich in rare trace elements and acids, but it is easily digested, without postponing excess fat.
  • Sharp seasonings are very wonderful to burn fats. It can be different varieties of pepper, horseradish, mustard, etc. Promotes weight loss any sharp seasoning, due to the fact that it accelerates the production of energy in the body and excess fat is burned. At the same time, the concentration of insulin decreases.
  • Losing weight is helped by products containingEasily digestible protein. The most useful low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. When digesting protein, the body spends a lot of calories, much more than digesting carbohydrates and fats. And calcium, entering the body, produces a hormone that promotes fat burning.
  • In pine nuts, a lot of pinolenic acid, which helps reduce appetite. In addition, they contain many saturated proteins. These nuts are very good in vegetable salads.
  • Almonds are very rich in vitamins, phosphorus,Calcium, iron, food fibers and fatty acids. Part of the fat contained in the almond nut is removed from the body without being absorbed and splitting. This helps to lose weight. Only 30 grams of nuts per day normalize the metabolism, and the number of lipids is reduced.
  • It is good to lose weight while drinking green tea. In its composition, there are substances that actively burn fats.

Which products you choose, it depends on your taste. The main thing - to want to lose weight!

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