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Therapeutic properties of spices

Since ancient times, people have already discovered various properties of spices. Not only to give the food another flavor of taste, but also the repelling of insects, animals, as well as for self-medication.
The right mix of spices is a guarantee of health. Therefore, one should take more seriously the use of seasonings in our diet and thoroughly approach the study of their properties.


The world knows a lot of seasonings. And they are divided into two main groups:

  1. Classical or exotic spices. These spices have become a classic example for various cuisines, used since ancient times. They are often used in dry form and therefore easily carry distant travel.
  2. Local spices. These spices are used exclusively at the place of their origin, unable to withstand long-distance transport. For this type of spice is characteristic only use in fresh form. Also, local spices are divided into two types: spicy vegetables and spicy herbs.

Spicy Vegetables

Such vegetables are used at the place of their origin, but they are quite widespread.


There are garden and wild herbs. The common characteristic difference is the pronounced piquant taste and sharp aroma. Garden grasses are often used fresh and so to say on the spot, and wild-growing stock is harvested.

The healing properties of cumin

On an example we will consider medical properties of cumin. This spice is not only used in cooking as a seasoning for soup and pickles, but also used in folk medicine.
Tinctures of caraway seeds are used for poisoning,Indigestion, flatulence and increased gas production. It is used in the first stages of tuberculosis, child dyspepsia or in tumorous, eye diseases. Cumin serves as both a sedative and a stimulant of the mammary gland for lactating women.

Therapeutic properties of anise

In folk medicine, medicinal anise propertiesAre used as anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and expectorant. This spice has long been used to enhance the separation of milk from young mothers, as a diuretic and choleretic. Also serves to combat intestinal bleeding and painful menstruation.

The healing properties of vanilla

Vanilla is used as a very powerful aphrodisiac. The curative property is an obstacle to insomnia, improving digestion and balancing acidity, neutralizing the effects of alcohol, and improving the capacity for relaxation.

The healing properties of cloves

Properties of spice pinks quiteVarious. In general, clove oil serves as an anesthetic and antibacterial agent. Its diuretic and diaphoretic action promotes the rapid removal of toxins from the body.
Very widely carnation is used for pulpitis,Caries and paradontosis. Due to the antimicrobial action of cloves eliminates diarrhea, and also reduces gas formation in the loops of the intestine, as well as caraway seeds. Carnation is a unique tool both for getting rid of hiccups, and for enhancing the effectiveness of labor during childbirth. Also, clove medicinal properties are used for the rapid healing of wounds and boils.

Healing properties of ginger

Due to its healing properties, gingerIs used as a medicine. Ginger increases the human immune system and helps the body get rid of toxins. The most important property of ginger is its ability to enhance cerebral circulation, and the spicy aroma perfectly tones.

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