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Therapeutic properties of ginseng

Useful and therapeutic properties of ginseng are associated withA variety of microelements contained in its cells. These substances have been studied quite well, but in the composition of ginseng there are also compounds, the effect of which on the human body has not yet been clarified. These compounds include active peptides, essential oils and polysaccharides.

In the composition of ginseng, curative substances areGinsenosides localized in leaves, stems, petioles and in small roots of a plant. In the root of ginseng in large quantities contain polyacetylenes. In the root of ginseng, starch, alkaloids, pectin and tannins, vitamin C, phosphorus, resins, sulfur, and trace elements, saponins and many other substances are found.

A few years ago in the composition of ginseng was found metal germanium, in combination with vitamin E, it has a beneficial effect on human health.

Properties of the above (upper) parts of ginseng

As is known, the medicinal raw materials of ginseng inBasically is its root. At the same time, scientists found that in the upper parts of the plant contains glycosides, as in its root. That is why in folk medicine of Korea, China, and Russian Primorye, except for the root of ginseng, its leaves, stems, and also seeds and flowers are used.

Having performed many experiments, the doctors proved: Tincture from the leaf portion of ginseng by properties and pharmacological action is similar to tincture of ginseng root. It can be used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type I, type II, necrosis and trophic ulcers, hypotrophy, neuropsychiatric diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome and to restore the whole body after stress.

Preparations with ginseng extract take:

  1. As a tonic and restorative,Effectively increases the efficiency, the body's resistance to various stressful situations, adverse environmental effects, physical stress;
  2. In the recovery period of the body after surgery and serious diseases;
  3. With prolonged mental and physical overwork;
  4. With neuroses;
  5. At sexual frustration;
  6. With insomnia;
  7. To stimulate the activity of endocrine glands;
  8. At metabolic disorders;
  9. To reduce and regulate blood sugar levels;
  10. As a hemostatic.

Medicinal products from ginseng

If in medicine eastern preference is given to water broths and infusions, as well as powder from ginseng, then in Russian practice, on the contrary, the tincture of ginseng root for alcohol was distributed.

Now in Russia, the following forms of ginseng medicines are produced: emulsions, suppositories and aerosols intended for the treatment of cancer of the stomach, uterus, rectum and other organs.

Tincture of dried ginseng root

To make the tincture, the dry root should beGrind to a powdery state, and then pour vodka from the calculation of 30 grams of root per 1 liter of vodka, insist for a month, periodically shaking. The obtained tincture is filtered.

In order to prevent 20 drops of tincture of ginseng take 2 times a day at least 30 minutes before meals. Treatment - 1,5 months. Then after a one-month break, a second course is held.

To treat diseases, the dosage of tincture is prescribed by a doctor (usually 30-40 drops).

Tincture of fresh ginseng root

To make a tincture of fresh rootGinseng needs to be washed with water, dried, chopped, poured with vodka: 100 grams of root per 1 liter of vodka, let it brew for a month, periodically shaken. The obtained tincture is filtered.

For preventive maintenance tincture take 15 drops 3 times a day for a while before meals. After a month of treatment, you need to take a break for 10 days, after you repeat the course.

Instead of vodka, 40-50% alcohol can be used. Prepared ginseng root pour alcohol in a ratio of 1:10, insist for 14 days, then filter.

Ginseng has many therapeutic properties and can help in the treatment of many diseases.

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