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Strong discharge during pregnancy

Are allocations the norm

During pregnancy, the female bodyUndergoes great changes. Therefore, vaginal discharge, especially in early pregnancy, is considered normal. In the body of a woman who expects a child, the hormone progesterone is large. This hormone ensures the development and preservation of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy. Strong excretions of transparent color - this is normal phenomenon at various terms of pregnancy. But there are other discharges that can threaten pregnancy: the threat of miscarriage, placental abruption, the threat of premature birth and various other complications.

What are the secretions

If there were a pregnancy in the dischargeCurd consistency of white color, accompanied by severe itching in the genital area - these are signs of thrush. In this case, always consult your doctor who will prescribe a treatment that does not threaten the health of the child at this stage of pregnancy. In order to establish a diagnosis, a swab is taken from the vagina. Progression of thrush can lead to serious damage to many organs of the baby. If a woman has a thrush before giving birth and the birth is natural, the baby, passing through the birth can get infected. Self-medication is not recommended, because it can be masked for this disease and other diseases.

Pregnant women are trapped by bacterialVaginosis. When it appears strong clear and watery discharge, which have an unpleasant smell. Dysbacteriosis of the vagina can cause premature birth. Therefore visit to the doctor to detain it is not necessary.

If the pregnancy is yellow, thenIt can be a symptom of gonorrhea. The doctor will take a swab to diagnose diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Sometimes the emerging strong yellow discharge may appear suddenly, and then pass.

Epithelium of the cervix affects the hormonalChange. Most often, their manifestation is erosion. At this disease during pregnancy there are strong bloody or brown discharge. To avoid trouble, you need to see a doctor.

Dangerous discharge during pregnancy

If you notice blood on your underwear, then it's urgentConsult a doctor even if the discharge is minor. The cause of bloody discharge may be the existing erosion of the cervix or vaginal injury, obtained during sexual intercourse, but most often it is a symptom of the threat of miscarriage. In the last months of pregnancy, this can be a threat to the life of both the child and the mother. In the latter case, severe bleeding, which is caused by abruption of the placenta, can cause an emergency operation - caesarean section. Very detrimental detachment of the placenta for the baby, because with its large volumes, the toddler lacks oxygen, he almost does not get the necessary nutrients. In this case, the pregnant woman is urgently hospitalized and fighting for the life of both. Be sure to prescribe a strict bed rest.

There is a situation where a pregnant womanAppear dark brown discharge. Often, such secretions are observed with "healing" and small detachments of the placenta. But such discharges at small gestational age are the cause of ectopic pregnancy, especially if there are other symptoms of this pathology. These are symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, and most importantly - the absence of a fetal egg in the uterus (determined after the examination).

Dangerous may be in pregnancy of various kinds of excretion, both on short terms, and on large. Carefully and carefully take care of your health and at the slightest suspicion, contact your doctor!

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