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The healing properties of citrus and ginger

By the way, in citrus is a lot of useful, and to more or less understand them, we'll start in order.


All year round stores offer us orangesDifferent varieties. Oranges are very fond of children, because this fruit itself has a positive color, it is sweet and extremely useful. Consider how rich an orange is. The peel contains essential oils. The sugar content in the pulp reaches 13%, and the citric acid is only 2-4%, which is why it is so sweet. Vitamin B: vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin P are also found in the fruit pulp, but vitamin C is more abundant in it. The orange contains potassium, phosphorus and other minerals, pectin and nitrogen compounds, fiber, ashes and carbohydrates.

Thanks to this useful composition, orange is widely used in folk medicine.

For example:

  • The pulp of orange and its juice improve appetite, promote the secretion of bile, thereby improving the digestive process;
  • Orange benefits from liver disease, gout, obesity and hypertension;
  • Phytoncides in orange kill many pathogenic microbes, so in folk medicine its juice is used to heal wounds;
  • The use of several lobules of orange with fatty foods will reduce the content of cholesterol in it, will facilitate digestion;
  • Often orange is used in the treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis;
  • Essential oil of orange will relieve of infections of the oral cavity;
  • Orange juice is also used in cosmetology, medicine, and food industry;
  • Oranges tonify the body, help to overcome fatigue, depression, as well as a good soothing.


It, like an orange, contains essential oils, vitamins B, P, C, as well as provitamin A, or carotene. Grapefruit contains organic acids, fiber, potassium and calcium.

The properties of medicinal and healthy juice areThat it improves metabolism, digestion, tones up the body, helps with mental and physical fatigue, helps with cold and even with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

With headaches, grapefruit slices will be saved, attached to the temples: after a short time the pain will stop.

The use of grapefruit in cosmetology is due to its effect on the skin: getting rid of wrinkles, preventing the appearance of pigment spots, moisturizing and nourishing the skin - all this gives grapefruit.


Provitamin A, vitamins B, D, K and, as in all citrus, a lot of vitamin C.

Mandarin juice is an excellent diet drink forAdults and children, he perfectly quenches thirst. Mandarin is used as a means of preventing infectious diseases and ARI. For those who treat asthma or bronchitis, mandarin will be a good helper if you make decoctions, drink its juice or even just eat it whole.

For women, mandarin essential oil will help to avoid stretch marks after birth, it helps with muscle tension and heavy menstruation.

Mandarin promotes fat burning, it is the most popular ingredient in the New Year's diet. He sets up the process of digestion in the body.


Many in the lemon of vitamin C, as well as the provitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, D and P are present. It contains mineral salts and citric acid.

Of all citrus, lemon is the mostIrreplaceable and useful. Although not many dare eat it just like an orange, but it does not need to be done, because it's much more pleasant, for example, to drink tea with lemon, to prepare a salad, which includes lemon, to make home-made lemonade.

Lemon is a strong antiseptic, it is even usedWith stings of scorpions. Lemon helps with diseases of the stomach, intestines, metabolic disorders, with urolithiasis, hemorrhoids, atherosclerosis. It also helps with sore throat if it is rinsed with a diluted juice.

In general, all citrus fruits have practicallyThe same useful composition and affect the body the same way. Citrus treat the gastrointestinal tract, prevent colds, fatigue and give a tone to the body.

The healing properties of citrus and ginger have long been known, ginger is in no way inferior to citrus in terms of beneficial effects on the body.


Ginger in our stores can be seen asSpice in the form of a powder, or in the form of a whole root, or rather an underground shoot of an intricate shape. Why is the root of ginger, and not the leaves or stems? The answer is simple: in its roots is extremely useful composition, there are a lot of useful amino acids, essential oils, tarry substances, sugar. It is thanks to resinous substances and essential oils that ginger has a burning taste and a spicy smell. Due to this, ginger is used in cooking as a seasoning.

The healing properties of ginger are colossal: This extensive impact is probably only him. Ginger and anti-inflammatory, and antiviral, and anesthetic, it heals, stimulates, tones, fights bacteria, spasms and many, many others. In the fight against osteoarthritis and rheumatism, ginger will also help.

Ginger as a medicine recognizes not only traditional medicine, but also official. Ginger is a part of many medicines from the pharmacy.

A good hostess must have in herTo the drugstore a root, well or a packet of ground ginger. After all, it can be used to make a tincture that strengthens the immune system, and citrus juice can also be included in the tincture.

Ginger tea is also useful, in which you can add a slice of lemon. From ginger oil, you can make rubbers and compresses.

In addition to medicine, ginger has also found wide application in cosmetology. This and anti-cellulite scrubs, and massage mixtures, and face masks.

To summarize, we note that for variousDiseases do not necessarily immediately run to the pharmacy and buy expensive medications from advertising, it is enough to have the above listed products at hand and be able to apply them.

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