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Cleansing the body in popular ways

You probably imagine how from cells andVessels are cleaned of toxins and slags, heavy metals, as well as cholesterol and any other substances that interfere with the life of our body. But few people think that the cleansing of the body must be done with the mind, and for this it is necessary to select individual methods. Otherwise, all efforts will not lead to anything.

How to cleanse the body

If you live in a large city, in whichMuch more harmful substances than in a small town, you can cleanse people's ways. Combating toxins and toxins can be endless, because you will eat regular food every day. You need to visit nature more often, in the open air. Eat as much as possible fruit, fresh vegetables, drink as much mineral water, without gases and dyes, use as little synthetic detergents as possible. All this will help your body to escape toxins.

Cleansing enemas should not be carried away. By this procedure, you only break the microflora of your intestine, and also strengthen the dysbacteriosis, it is present in the body of every person. You can take any herbal teas or infusions, but it's only if you want to remove stool from the body.

Before you do the cleansing procedures, youYou need to know the state of your body in general, as well as the state of your organs. For example, if a person suffers from cholelithiasis, and he suddenly decides to cleanse his liver, the stones can move, and this will lead to severe pain and serious consequences. To cleanse it should be taken seriously and with problems with the genitourinary sphere, otherwise you can strengthen the inflammatory process in it.

Our body is so arranged that it knows itself whenHe must be cleansed of toxins and toxins. It is for this purpose that nature has created kidneys, liver, intestines and other organs. And all to ensure that the waste of human life is allocated from the body in a natural way. The body is a very powerful self-healing system. According to scientific data, our liver can serve about 300 years. And people manage to ruin it already by the age of forty. If a person has excellent nutrition, then with the organs he will be all right.

Cleansing the body

Our body is constantly clogged, the main reason for this is food. We throw in our stomach a lot of products every day and it does not matter whether they are useful or harmful.

In order to purify the body, you need to startHealthy food. Folk ways are very effective in this case. Fasting is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins and toxins. This process will allow the body to get rid of harmful and unnecessary substances. But do not achieve fanaticism in this process, because nature also has its extremes. You just hunger for a couple of days, or spend on fruit or yogurt unloading days. If you can, you can starve for three days. It's great for cleansing. On such days you will lead a completely normal way of life. In such a period, the body is usually freed from digesting food and excels itself perfectly from the slag.

In the process of starvation in the human body diesPutrefactive microflora, and the normal is gradually restored. From slag cleansing not only the body, but also the skin, internal organs and even lymph. The blood begins to circulate much faster, the nutrition of the parts of the body and all internal organs is normalized. Bunches and tissues become much more elastic, and the joints are more mobile.

The causes of slagging of our body

Slags accumulate in the body for manyReasons. This can contribute to overeating, excess proteins have a bad effect on the body, do not abuse starches and animal fats. One of the reasons are bad habits. For example, many often incorrectly combine dishes, lack of exercise and ultraviolet. According to experts, modern people eat too much, and at the same time people are not physically active, so the processes take place in the body much more slowly. Slags usually accumulate in connective tissues, in bone and adipose tissue, in poorly functioning muscles. Their mechanism is quite simple. First, the cell receives extra energy, which is not used. This is how the most common products first turn into toxins, and then begin to act like poisons.

Take care of your body. Clean it as often as possible and watch your diet.

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