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Benefits and harm of milk

The benefits of milk, thanks to the rich content of nutrients.

Many people know that milk is made up of suchSubstances like calcium, phosphorus and other substances that are directly involved in the construction of cells in the brain, allow the nervous system to function fully.

The composition of milk includes vitamins B, A, D. Thanks to the vitamins of group B, fatigue, depressive state is removed, the skin is renewed, the structure of the hair improves, dandruff disappears. Vitamin A contributes to the preservation of vision, but vitamin D allows you to absorb calcium and phosphorus.

Useful properties and harm of milk sterilized, pasteurized, homogenized.

To date, there is a large numberVarious dairy products. In the stores you can find both sterilized and pasteurized milk. If you ask the question of "harmfulness" and "benefit" of milk, then it is worth paying attention to the milk that is subjected to serious heat treatment in order to increase the shelf life of this product.

The sterilization process is as follows: The milk is heated to 135 degrees Celsius, after which it is quenched. As a result, many bacteria die, including those beneficial to the body, many vitamins are not preserved. Milk, stored in a sealed container, is stored for six months.

The greatest benefit can be brought by pasteurizedmilk. Here, the milk product heats up to 70 degrees, which allows preserving bacteria and vitamins. The only drawback is that this milk is stored much less time - about 1.5 days.

You can also meet with a homogenizedMilk, that is, homogeneous. In such milk, the fat is broken up into many small particles, which are evenly distributed throughout the volume. Once there was some suggestion that when homogenizing milk, getting into the intestine, leads to damage to the blood vessels, which leads to atherosclerosis, as well as to diseases associated with the cardiovascular system. Thanks to modern scientists, it was proved that homogenized milk has a fairly high performance.

The benefit and harm of the product: what "outweighs"?

When you buy milk, turn yourAttention to such an indicator as the percentage of fat content. Milk, which is very high fat, it is better not to drink because of the large number of calories and the possibility of increasing the level of cholesterol. But if you take milk powder, then it does not contain any useful substances.

Every human organism in its own way toleratesmilk. People who do not take milk in their pure form should change this product for sour-milk products. There are people who consume milk instead of taking medication, and this helps them.

In general, milk brings its own benefits to everyone,Regardless of age. If a person is obese, he should drink milk, which contains a small amount of fat. Serum is good for this. Milk can also be used as a diuretic, in no way negatively affecting the kidneys.

If you take the organism of a small child, then in itThere are enzymes that allow good milk to be absorbed. In adults, the production of such enzymes occurs in a small amount, so the milk is digested worse.

So, the issues related to harm and benefitMilk, should be decided by the person himself. Therefore, in the event that the body does not take a dairy product, it must be abandoned, and if it is taken, then, on the contrary, it should be enjoyed with pleasure.

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