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Is it possible to do a second abortion

To be a mother or to have an abortion?

Before women there is not an easy question: "To be a mother or to refuse?", The decision is not easy and there is not always a clear certainty, the adoption of this or that decision. There is a struggle between the guilt already for the previous abortion and before its own inner voice: "I'm alone without a husband", "We do not have enough money to raise, raise a child," "Not before I studied," and other similar statements. In other words, it is a struggle of two forces: a subconscious feeling about the child, the desire to become a mother. And realism (rationalism), which feeds on various social stereotypes, and therefore in this situation it is not so easy to follow the call of the heart.

But how to act because the inner voice says,That the situation is complicated, but difficult, does not mean it is impossible. You can, because I'm not the only woman in the world who is left alone, and I will raise a child. With studies you can take an academic vacation, and then one of the relatives, friends, acquaintances will help them or other options. You are not the only one who became pregnant while studying, and life will give you the chance to finish your studies. Work, if arranged formally, then put the payment (although they are not so large). Yes, and this is a temporary year - one and a half, because not always the child will be small. And in the decree, you can find additional work (there are many options, depending on your abilities and capabilities). Children's things a stroller, clothes, a crib can give friends who have already grown up a child. In the infants, infants, things do not have time to wear out. Eat half a year a child can only mother's milk, this is also quite economical. The solution to the problem can be found, you just need to think carefully.

After all, life presents different circumstances, andNow the child can not return. And already now thinking about whether to do a second abortion, you become sad, you become self-absorbed. In connection with the appearance of the child, a lot of trouble is formed, but at the same time it gives a lot: love, joy, vitality. And if you decide to leave the child, and closer to the birth, decide that you can not leave it to yourself, then you can give it up for adoption (to an orphanage or some specific individuals for adoption). The second abortion brings even more suffering and will make you more stale and have to live with this load.

Second abortion.

What if after the first abortion, againBecome pregnant, you can do a second abortion? Answer the question to the physicians: "After the first abortion, the doctors had to conduct a conversation with explanations of the behavior in the sexual life and hygiene of the woman. If you have a pregnancy again, and it is undesirable, and you want to interrupt. Does not depend, do you second or third, fourth time there is no abortion. The need to go a second time to scraping (surgical abortion) instead of medication is not necessary. After a drug interruption complications are about 5% and it does not change from the frequency of pregnancy interruptions. Modern contraception prevents pregnancy, rehabilitates reproductive functions and should be taken immediately after the artificial termination of pregnancy. The best method of protection nevertheless is considered combined hormonal means (contraceptives).

The second surgical abortion aggravates,Increases the risk of negative consequences: infertility, inability to bear fruit until the end of pregnancy (threat of miscarriage) and this is not only because of possible damage to the uterus (scars), widening the entrance of the uterus because of this it is impossible to hold the fetus (miscarriages for 12-14 weeks of pregnancy) . But also there are changes on a hormonal background and on a background of mentality - after all the healthy pregnancy is interrupted.

Still not giving birth to a woman, you can do a second abortion? Pregnancy, which is not desirable, is preferably a mini-abortion - it will give a minimal risk of side effects (since the uterus is not yet much enlarged). If the period is longer (more than seven weeks), surgical interventions must be performed before the twelfth week, and necessarily follow-up with a specialist.

Abortion is a multifaceted problem.

Abortion is a multifaceted problem, aspects are different: medical, moral, social, religious and others. It is necessary, it will be defined with bases:

1. Any abortion and regardless of the term of termination of pregnancy, harms the female body.

2. Abortion for medical reasons, but here without discussion - it's clear to the doctors they are responsible for the risk.

3. Abortion, in the early stages of surgical or medicamentous treatment - this is purely personal.

4. No one except a woman has the right to decide for her whether to have an abortion or not, even the state, the bans have long since been lifted.

5. Termination of pregnancy at a later date without medical evidence is already a crime.

Types of artificial abortion: salt aminocentesis, vacuum aspiration, hysteremia and other methods.

How to justify abortions - parents against a husband or child, why produce poverty, if it is known that a child with abnormalities, sick and other reasons.

The consequences are described in more detail in variousSources, but nobody will tell you about the most dangerous, and you will not find them, everything is hidden by specialists. And if God forbids during the operation or after the patient dies, the anamnesis will not indicate the reason - abortion, it will be designated as a secondary or concomitant circumstance.

Think about why the life is given to a woman? To realize yourself, that was a family, children.

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