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Is sex harmful during pregnancy?

According to one study, many womenInterest in sex falls within the first three months. This is due, above all, to tolerable toxemia and deterioration of well-being. However, during the second trimester, when the health improves, the mood rises and the woman feels cheerful and cheerful, the desire grows, and there are no obstacles preventing the pair from making love. And, finally, in the final trimester the desire again disappears, as the body of the pregnant woman starts preparing for the forthcoming birth.

Recently, Israeli scientists conducted an experiment inWhich involved pregnant women. Half of them had an active sexual life, while the other part held a position of abstinence. According to the results of the study, it was found that the number of miscarriages and preterm labor in both groups is the same. This suggests that if you have an irresistible desire and desire for a spouse, then do not hold back, but rather, please your husband and yourself. Next, we will try to disassemble the main questions that arise in future moms associated with the topic of sex.

It's hard to get an orgasm.

On the contrary, many women experience a brighterOrgasm during pregnancy, or even the first time in life. First, the vagina becomes more sensitive, and when the penis rubs against its walls, the expectant mother gets more pleasure than with her usual condition.

Secondly, the clitoris grows. And he, as is known, is the main source of pleasure. Therefore, a pregnant woman quickly reaches a climax.

Orgasm can provoke premature birth.

This statement is erroneous. Until the child ripens, and the uterus does not reach a certain state, no contraction of it can cause premature birth. On the contrary, it is believed that orgasm has a positive effect on the child. After all, during the peak of pleasure in the blood hormones of happiness enter - endorphins and enkipalin - they have a beneficial effect on the child. However, at the latest terms, when a child is ripe and ready to be born, it is better to refrain from having sex, because contraction of the uterus can cause premature birth.

How does anal sex affect a child's condition?

There is no definite answer to this question. During pregnancy, sensitivity in the pelvic region increases, and painful sensations become dull, so anal sex can even bring more pleasure than traditional sex. However, there is a danger of introducing intestinal bacteria into the vagina.

Is it possible to engage in oral sex?

It is possible, but only carefully. If her husband jumped herpes on the lip, it is better to refrain from this way of having sex, as it can provoke the development of infection in the microflora of the vagina and easily transform into genital herpes. In addition, this is an extra burden on the immune system of the mother, which, of course, is undesirable.

Thus, proceeding from all the arguments andArguments, it can be argued that in most cases, sex during pregnancy is not dangerous for the child, and you can safely do it. However, there are a number of reasons why a doctor can advise you to abstain.

  1. Sex is dangerous when your partner has sexual infections;
  2. There is a threat of termination of pregnancy;
  3. In the family there were premature births;
  4. Low attachment of the placenta;
  5. Leakage of amniotic fluid.

If, for some reason, you can notEngage in traditional sex, then do not completely abandon it. There are various ways in which you bring pleasure to yourself and to your husband.

With the help of simple caresses (petting).

  • Manual and oral stimulation of the clitoris and erogenous zones.
  • The relationship between the woman's hips not fully closed, at the level of the vestibule, when the head is not completely immersed in the vagina.
  • Sexual intercourse between the mammary glands. Breast during pregnancy increases and becomes more sensitive, which brings more pleasure in this type of sex.
  • Coitus intra femora (only between the woman's hip joints).

And remember that sex is an integral partMarriage and deprive each other of the pleasure of pursuing them in no case should not. During pregnancy, a woman needs your support more than ever, and very often spiritual conversations and caresses bring much more satisfaction than a regular sexual intercourse. Love and surround with the care of your women.

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