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How useful is tarhun and how to apply it?


Useful properties of estragon and contraindications for use
Folk recipes for the application of tarhuna

Useful properties of estragon and contraindications for use

This plant has a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive tract,Relieves insomnia and improves sleep, increases appetite, normalizes the menstrual cycle, effectively eliminates inflammation. In addition, with the help of tarhuna, a cure for such pulmonary diseases as pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis is possible. Active components that make up the herb are able to normalize the work of the female reproductive system, reduce pain during menstruation, and also eliminate toothache, spasms and upset stomach.

In addition to the above properties, tarragon helps inProblems with the male potency, removes worms and other pathogens. Prepared at home, drinks from tarhuna, increase mood and performance, relieve depression, purify blood vessels and blood, saturate the body with useful substances, thereby improving immunity.

Tarragon: useful properties and contraindications

Adding fresh tarragon foliage to foodCan improve metabolism, remove toxins and toxins. Incorporating salads from fresh tarthun helps to get rid of excess weight, give the body strength and energy. Do not forget that the tarball, like any medicine, has contraindications. Since this plant has an abortifacient property, it can not be used during the entire period of pregnancy.

Folk recipes for the application of tarhuna

To prevent inflammation,Treatment of diseases of the stomach and lungs, improving sleep and appetite, as well as purifying blood and blood vessels is applicable tincture from tarhuna. To prepare it you need 100 g of fresh raw materials (aboveground part) and 0.5 l of 70% medical alcohol. Infuse the mixture for at least 10 days. Take three times daily before meals, previously dissolved in a small amount of water 1 tbsp. L. Tinctures.

Than useful for the body

To get rid of parasites, increase immunityAnd the treatment of nervous disorders is perfect for their tarragon tea. For this, one teaspoon of dry or fresh ground leaves should be poured into 200 ml of boiling water.

To improve metabolism, work of the intestine andThe increase of working capacity will be useful drinks based on tarhuna. For cooking, you need a blender, 50 g of fresh foliage of the plant, 1 tsp. Honey, 1 soft fruit (peach, banana, orange pulp), 50 ml of water. Ingredients must be mixed to a homogeneous mass, after which the cocktail is ready for use.

Yes, this plant is a real gift of nature, soAs it has not only an amazing fresh taste, but also has the effectiveness in treating various ailments. Regular use of tarhuna will not only save you from ailments, but also give a boost of energy and good mood.

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