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Cleansing the body of waste products with rice

Cleansing the body of rice is one of the most accessible and simple ways to improve the body, which is gaining popularity.

What does this method of purifying the body give us?

In general, the ancestor of this method is consideredChina. The rice method of cleansing the body ensures that we cleanse the salts that accumulate in the joints, dangerous slags and toxins. With the help of rice, there is an effective cleaning of the liver and intestines, since rice, soaked in water, absorbs all the dangerous elements. Cleaning the body with rice is a fairly safe method, but do not abuse it. It is recommended to apply it once a year.

Cleansing the body with rice is divided into Two ways, And for each of them only brown, not cleaned from the shell rice will do.

Method number 1.

The duration of this method is 40 days. First, you need to prepare five half-liter cans and number them, so that you do not confuse them later. Secondly, you should wash the rice, to such an extent that the water becomes transparent, and put it in the jar at No. 1. Then, pour it with clean water to the brim. Thirdly, after a day drain this water, rinse again rice and pour it again with water. Take the jar under the number 2 and in it also put the washed rice, about 2-3 tablespoons and pour water. Fourthly, after three days, drain the water from the jars No. 1 and No. 2, rinse the rice again and add water again. Next, in the same way, prepare the bank number 3. Fifth, do the same procedure with banks No. 4 and No. 5. Sixth, after six days, take the jar № 1 and drain the water from it, wash the rice and Completely pour it with boiling water. After forty minutes have breakfast with this rice, nothing more to eat. Add to the rice is also worthless. Rice should be thoroughly chewed and eaten warm. Before breakfast you can drink a glass of warm water, and after breakfast for three hours you can not drink and eat. List your main dishes can be left the same, most importantly, you can not eat fatty foods. It is recommended that when you cleanse the body of rice with more potassium-rich foods. Seventh, the jar, which was freed, should be refilled with rice, and pour water on the above scheme. And so do with all the remaining banks.

Method number 2.

This method can be called an express method, soAs it passes in three days. The essence of this method is that you can use only rice and nothing more during these three days. The number of meals can be anything, but it is recommended to eat three times a day. Breakfast can be held from seven to nine in the morning, lunch from one to three, dinner from five to six. It is important that from nine to eleven pm you can not eat and drink, since it is at this time that the gastrointestinal tract cleanses. You need to eat slowly, thoroughly chewing every portion. You can drink water before eating, and after only one or three hours. It is advisable not to drink any other drinks, except water and tea, which are also not recommended to be misused, since the task of rice is to remove excess moisture from the body together with waste products.

The recipe for rice: Grain should be rinsed well, filled with water toShe covered rice by one centimeter. Further it should be cooked a little, so that the grain remains intact. Useful properties to keep in such rice only 24 hours.

Cleansing the body with rice improvesYour state of health, and in some cases helps to cope with illnesses. But, nevertheless, before cleaning the body with rice, you should get a doctor's advice.

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