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Plaque during pregnancy

When pregnancy changes in the qualitative compositionSaliva. The composition of the secretion of the salivary glands contains a "remineralizing" mixture of calcium and phosphate. Being in constant contact with the teeth, the saliva cleans the enamel, preventing the occurrence of caries. However, during pregnancy, the protective qualities of saliva drop sharply. Saliva poorly flushes the remains of food, does not dissolve bacteria and sulfur compounds.

The remaining remains of food lead to the formation of a plaque on the tongue, teeth and gums, consisting of pathogens, and becomes the focus of infection in the oral cavity.

There is nothing about the formation of a dental plaqueSurprising, this is a natural process. However, during pregnancy, intensive growth of microorganisms occurs on the surface of the teeth and interdental space in the dental plaque, there is a risk of development of dental diseases. Plaque during pregnancy is the source of infection.

Another danger of dental plaque formation is the ingestion of the products of the vital activity of bacteria that are the source of infection of the fetus.

If not removed in time, mild dentalIt is gradually saturated with calcareous salts and settles with a hard dental calculus. That, in turn, is the cause of inflammation and bleeding gums, periodontitis and caries, as well as aggravation of existing diseases.

During pregnancy, many are disruptedCalcium metabolism, which adversely affects the condition of the teeth, and they begin to break down under the influence of even the slightest provoking causes, an additional source of infection occurs.

The process of plaque formation is affected by the characterNutrition of the future mother and sufficient intake of products containing calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and other minerals and vitamins, the pH level of saliva, as well as oral hygiene.

Timely protect the child from the probability ofIntrauterine infection and caries disease in the future will allow regular oral hygiene with the help of modern means (pastes, ointments, gels, threads, antibacterial rinses).

When you contact a dentist, a clear andA clear plan for treatment and prevention. The use of preventive actions during pregnancy will exclude the main source of infection, and are individual for each woman and are prescribed in accordance with the general condition, form and presence of concomitant diseases.

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