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Healing properties of parsley

Parsley is divided into two types: Root and leaf. In the root variety of parsley, not only leaflets, but also roots, are suitable for use. In the leaf for food, only leaves are suitable. Parsley is very rich in vitamins and has a high nutritional value.

Chemical composition, miraculous properties of parsley.

Parsley is rich in a complex of vitamins A, B, C, P,K. If you regularly eat parsley, then the human body will be saturated with useful trace elements: zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron. These trace elements contribute to Strengthening of bones, nervous system, allow to reduce the risk of caries and other dental diseases.

Healing properties do not end there, selenium is a part of parsley. This is a special substance that makes it possible to produce natural prophylaxis Oncological diseases.

Parsley in small amounts is useful to eat after consuming fried meat - it is known that it can disrupt the stomach, cause ulcers and cancer.

Freshly cut parsley sprig monitorsThe process of producing glucose, which is part of the blood. The control is due to an enzyme called inulin, which is contained in the greens. Inulin is very important for people suffering from Diabetes mellitus.

Healing parsley of quality is lost during cooking, so it is advised to eat it raw.

When you use parsley significantly Cleanses the liver, kidneys, improves intestinal peristalsis and the work of the gastrointestinal tract. For these reasons, parsley will be very useful for people with a stomach disorder suffering from diarrhea. Parsley also solves a number of other problems in the human body: Gastritis and lack of appetite, helps with reduced acidity.

Petrushka is credited with some unique properties - she can Regulate the thyroid gland, restore the activity of the adrenal glands, normalize blood sugar level. People suffering Heart diseases and cardiovascular insufficiency, It is also recommended to take it for food.

Parsley leaves are very juicy and from them you can get juice, which does not lose useful properties, vitamins and trace elements.

Fresh parsley contains folic acid. This acid is useful for women During pregnancy, Men planning Creating a family, Pairs that are in a related line, and which are observed Deviations in the chromosome set.

Useful qualities of parsley do not end there. Traditional medicine knows many recipes, which include parsley. For example, if a woman experiences Severe discomfort and pain during the menstrual cycle, Enough to grind the leaves, or the roots of parsley, pour them for half an hour with boiling water and take a quarter cup. Daily rate - no more than three times.

From parsley you can get good antiseptic - for this purpose only it is necessary to mix a juice of a parsley with juice of a beet. And if you Bitten mosquito or other insect, You need to attach to the affected area gruel from the crushed leaves of greens. Also this gruel helps With scratches and bumps.

Petrushka contributed to cosmetics. If you mix the gruel from the leaves of parsley with sour cream, you will get an excellent mask for the face, Which has the effect of moisturizing and whitening.

Danger when using parsley.

Like any garden and garden plants, parsleyIs grown in different conditions and different people, so the fact of an unfavorable environment takes place. You should think not only about the healing properties of parsley, but also about dangerous, harmful.

A plant saturated with nitrates and phytoncides,Harmful to humans, can irreparably damage the body. It is necessary to observe the precautionary measures and buy parsley from tested and decent people, or grow it yourself. If, for some reason, you bought parsley from strangers, you should take care of the precautionary measures and soak it in water for at least an hour. In cold water, parsley is released from nitrates and becomes safer.

Did you know that if you addParsley in combination with other vegetables, it can become dangerous. The danger is that it begins to release nitrites, which are even more dangerous than nitrates. Therefore, it is recommended to eat this salad for a period not later than forty minutes, otherwise parsley will turn into poison.

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