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Rabbit meat: benefit and harm

Rabbit meat: benefit.

According to the content of vitamins and minerals, rabbit meat outstrips all other types of meat. It contains vitamin C, B vitamins, nicotinic acid. Minerals contain phosphorus, iron, cobalt, manganese, fluorine, and potassium.

Since rabbit meat contains a small amount of sodium salt, it Ideal for dietary nutrition, Due to its low calorie content. The constant or frequent use of dishes from rabbit meat helps to normalize the exchange of proteins and fats in the body.

The rabbit contains a lot of lecithin and little cholesterol that Is an excellent prophylaxis of arteriosclerosis.

An interesting fact, characteristic only of rabbitMeat, is that the rabbit organism does not take strontium-90 until the age of seven months. This is the product of the disintegration of herbicides and pesticides by which the fields are treated to obtain a high yield and protect the plants from all diseases and fungi.

It is useful to use carbocchin for people who treat cancer because it Can reduce the dose of radiation taken.

Also, meat is useful for people with diseases of the digestive system, since The protein of the tender rabbit meat is digested by 96%. It should be used by people working in theExtreme conditions (pilots, divers, athletes) and those who live in contaminated areas. Breastfeeding mothers, adolescents, young children and elderly people are also recommended to eat with digestible protein, contained in meat. At the same time, the balance of nutrients and fat metabolism is maintained.

The internal fat of a rabbit is a bioactive substance with an anti-allergic property. It is used as a basis for the production of cosmetics and for the treatment of wounds.

With the age of the rabbit, the chemical composition changesHis meat. The older it becomes, the less meat is stored in the meat, and the amount of protein and fat increases, and, consequently, the energy value of the product increases. The amino acid composition also changes, the amount of histidine, tryptophan, aspartic acid, phenylalanine, tyrosine increases and the amount of leucine, arginine, alanine, glycine, proline decreases. For the diet is most suitable meat three-month rabbit, as with the growth of rabbit in muscle tissue increases the fat content, which reduces its dietary properties.

Rabbit is a good food for the brain and spinal cord, it contains vitamin B12, improves the synthesis of DNA and myelin, meat - Excellent antioxidant. As an antioxidant, rabbit meatAllows you to maintain the skin and mucous membranes in perfect condition. The rabbit contains phosphorus, which is part of the bones of the human skeleton. The liver of a rabbit is a useful product for people with serious diseases.

If you enter into the usual diet rabbit, then its regular use will ensure the maintenance of normal metabolism and the right balance between them.

So, let's summarize why it is necessary to eat rabbit meat?

  • First of all, because of the protein contained in it and a lot of adhesives.
  • Rabbit meat is advised to use allergy sufferers, because it is less than in other types of meat, allergens.
  • It can be given to children up to one year.
  • Rabbit is absorbed by the human body by 90%, and, for example, beef only by 62%.
  • In rabbit meat the least, in comparison with other types of meat, the content of purine bases (nitrogenous substances). In small quantities, meat can be consumed by a sick gout.
  • Plus, it perfectly adjusts the level of glucose in the blood.

Rabbit meat: harm.

Having a lot of positive properties, rabbit meat has also negative sides. With some diseases, meat is absolutely contraindicated, including rabbit meat.

If we talk about the harm of rabbit meat, then this The content of purine bases in it, Although in a smaller amount than in other typesMeat. Upon entering the human body, purine bases are converted into uric acid, which settles in the joints and tendons, damages them, causing arthritis, gout, neuro-arthritic diathesis in children under one year. If the meat is cooked several times, changing the water, then you can reduce the content of these harmful substances.

Amino acids upon ingestion are digested, and in the intestine are converted into Cyanidic acids, Acidifying the body's environment. With some diseases, this fact must be taken into account.

In general, it's all - the harmful properties of rabbit are no longer revealed.

Any meat, except rabbit, digesting, causes putrefactive processes in the intestines, and what the rabbit is famous for is that it is almost completely digested without causing such processes.

Eat rabbit meat for health! It is unusually useful and tasty!

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