/ What foods can not be eaten at night?

What foods can not be eaten at night?

What harm can the consumption of food do at night?

Evening and night hunger, in general, as well as nightHunger, helps to restore the human body. In the daytime, this process does not allow to start not only food, but also stresses. Late dinner does not allow the body to recover at night.

In addition, late dinner can cause poor sleep and insomnia, as melatonin production slows down.

Thanks to the evening hunger, the body will begin to process its own fat reserves, while it will save glucose. A meal at night, can lead to gaining a few extra pounds.

We saw why the dinner is ignored:

  • To easily fall asleep and sleep well;
  • To feel good;
  • Not to get fat, and in some cases, to lose weight.

Of course, the evening hunger does not apply to children and young people who are not 23 years old, they need food for the night, because they are still at the stage of growth and development.

If you do not have the above reasons, for which some refuse a late dinner, then you can also have dinner if you want.

What should the supper consist of?

Do not drink alcohol at dinner andDrinks with caffeine. And so if you do not have a propensity to fullness, you can eat easily digestible food for dinner, with a high percentage of the glycemic index, which can even help you fall asleep.

A glycemic index is a number from 1 to100, showing how quickly carbohydrate food can be assimilated. The higher the eaten food at night, the glycemic index, the easier it is to digest, and it does not hurt to fall asleep quickly. Such food can even accelerate the production of serotonin, which contributes to the appearance of drowsiness. Products that promote the production of serotonin and melatonin - hormones that cause sleep, calm nerves, relax the stomach and tense muscles.

People with diabetes and obese should beware of foods that have a high glycemic index. Such people have such foods at night there is not recommended.

Glucose has the highest glycemic index -100. Also of high quality are: white bread, pancakes, brown rice, boiled carrots, honey. Boiled pumpkin, baked potatoes, raisins, kiwi. Mashed potatoes, bananas, candies.

At night you can eat a vegetable dish and drinkA bit of light white wine. At night it is useful to drink a glass of warm milk, kefir, tea from chamomile with honey, infusion of oregano, all this has a calming effect.

Products that there is For the night It is impossible.

It is not advisable to eat foods at night for whichLow level of glycemic index, and therefore, they are digested more slowly. Such products include: all legumes, milk, zucchini, cabbage. Pepper, macaroni (in the manufacture of which solid wheat varieties were used), tomatoes, onions, yoghurt. Nuts, mushrooms, plums, cherries, apples, pears, peaches, dried apricots, oranges, grapefruits. Spices and spices, they increase appetite. Long digestible and fish, meat, poultry, so at night such products are not desirable.

How to overcome appetite?

As a rule, the evening feeling of appetite is stronger than in the daytime, but this does not mean that you need to overeat, this can not be done.

In the evening, the body begins toAccumulation of stocks, thereby putting food in their "bins". After dinner, just a couple of hours again, you want something to eat, so it's advisable to eat a little and a few times. Going home from work, you can have a bite with a curd or yogurt. Arriving home it is better to drink first tea with chamomile and honey, and after 30 minutes, have supper with mashed potatoes, pancakes and kefir.

It is best if you have a variety of food for dinner, so you will help ensure that new flavor combinations will be included every time, because of this, the feeling of satiation will come faster.

If 15 minutes before dinner drink a glass of warmWater, the appetite will decrease. Instead of water, you can drink a glass of light tea with milk, or a glass of kefir. Juice before dinner is best not to drink, as it activates the secretion of gastric juice.

Never eat sweets on an empty stomach, andEspecially to turn dainties into an independent food. First you need to eat ordinary everyday food, and only then at the end of the meal slowly eat sweets. Thus, you will not gain extra pounds.

The day should begin with a full breakfast, in the afternoon try to have dinner, then you will not have the desire to eat a lot at night.

Often in the evening they eat from idleness, then they have something to eat, then they will have a cup of tea, and although this is an interesting activity, it is better to do other useful and interesting things.

Put vegetables and low-calorie foods inRefrigerator in a prominent place, other foods that can be eaten in the morning, advised to fold away. In the morning you can not force yourself to eat everything delicious, but you can take "yummy" to work with yourself.

Aromatherapy will help to cope with hunger. Use the smell of mint, vanilla, cinnamon and a green apple. Essential oils are applied to the skin or inhaled, for the latter one should be clamped one nostril, and the other to take a strong breath. And then vice versa. This method of inhaling odors will especially help to quench the psychological hunger - appetite manifests itself only from the seen appetizing dish.

To avoid overeating it is useful to inhale essential oils immediately before meals, each nostril up to 5 times. You can smell the tangerine or orange peel.

Often, ordinary thirst is taken for feeling hungry. The feeling of hunger is dulled if you drink green tea, tomato juice, herbal tea.

After dinner, you should immediately brush your teeth, this will provoke a conditioned reflex: after cleaning teeth are usually no longer eaten.

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