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Bloating during pregnancy, gas, flatulence

Flatulence during pregnancy: the causes of the onset.

Flatulence (bloating) appears due to the formation of an increased amount of gases in the intestine, the cause of this may be Hormonal change and The result of squeezing the intestine with an enlarged uterus. The release of gas in a normal amount does notIs reflected in the state of health. In the case when it is allocated above the norm, there is a feeling of raspiraniya stomach, discomfort, and sometimes pain. Bloating during pregnancy gives women a lot of worry also because it is often combined with constipation. The causes of meteorism may also be different.

A pregnant woman has blood in herAn increased amount of progesterone (female sex hormone), relaxing the smooth muscles of the internal organs. In pregnancy, this property of the hormone is needed in order to prevent premature contraction of the uterine muscles, which can lead to miscarriage. But Relaxation of smooth muscles of the intestine Entails a stagnation of food, which in turn leads to increased gas formation.

Improper diet Is also a fairly common causeThe appearance of flatulence. This includes the use in large quantities of food, which during decomposition releases gases (peas, raw vegetables, beans, carbonated water). Abnormal eating also includes fast food and large breaks between meals in conjunction with a large amount of food consumed.

If a woman has Chronic gastrointestinal diseasesIn pregnancy, in most cases theyExacerbated. The presence of congenital enzymatic insufficiency, too, can cause bloating during pregnancy. Moreover, such causes often lead to dysbacteriosis, in which the volume of normal microflora in the intestine decreases and the volume of opportunistic microflora that decomposes food with the formation of gases in an increased quantity increases.

General unstable psychological state A pregnant woman also affects the appearance of flatulence. Any anxiety, restlessness and stress can increase the feeling of discomfort.

How to relieve the condition of a pregnant woman with bloating?

Treatment of flatulence is necessary, and it is quite possible. First of all, it is necessary to find out the reasons for its occurrence in a pregnant woman, so it is worthwhile to consult an obstetrician-gynecologist who is conducting the necessary examination. To conduct a reception in a woman's consultation should also be a therapist who, having completed the necessary training, specializes in internal diseases of pregnant women. After the examination, a woman is prescribed treatment and advises on the recommended regime of the day and proper nutrition.

1. If the cause of flatulence is improper nutrition, then recommended fractional meals (more frequent meals in small portions, excluding from the diet a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables, spicy, fried and spicy food, as well as coffee and strong tea).

2. Be sure to monitor the presence of a daily chair. If you are inclined to constipation, it is advisable to eat vegetable salads with vegetable oil every day, dried prunes and sour-milk products (yogurts, fermented milk, yogurt). But do not forget that kefir has laxative properties only the first 1-2 days after manufacture and, if it was manufactured a long time ago, flatulence (gases) can only increase, since such kefir begins to possess fixing properties.

3. At any gestation period a woman needs to move, otherwise the intestine, whose motor activity is disturbed by progesterone, will lead to flatulence and permanent constipation. To cope with this problem, in the women's consultation recommend a set of exercises, individual for everyone.

4. The therapist also chooses the right treatment for exacerbation of the gastrointestinal tract, which will not affect the fetus. When a dysbacteriosis occurs, drugs are prescribed that contain bacteria useful for the large intestine (probiotics) and substances that promote the reproduction of normal microflora (prebiotics). As a sedative, funds are prescribed on a plant basis.

5. If necessary, with a strong swelling of the abdomen, sometimes doctors resort to medical treatment. But such treatment should be appointed exactly by the attending obstetrician-gynecologist, after all, do not forget that an incorrectly selected drug can adversely affect the fetus and cause its irreversible changes.

Every woman should remember and understand that pregnancy is a huge responsibility for the well-being and health of her future baby.

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