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You should know exactly where and what you are notarranges. In the methods of achieving you will help the coach, but you must set the goal yourself. So: your goal should be clear and achievable. And it's very important not to forget about motivation. Fitness is the way to achieve the goal. If you do not have motivation (for example, lose weight by 5 kilograms to a wedding or the New Year), then the desire will soon be gone, and there will be no forces to fight against oneself. Do not think that there is so much to do, think about what you have already achieved, be proud of yourself and continue. It is important that over time, this struggle has become pleasant to you and turned into a lifestyle. After all, you not only become more beautiful with each jump, but also healthier, and your mood will improve after every visit to the fitness club.

It is difficult to admit that fitness is difficult. It will be necessary to get used to fatigue and muscle pain, but it will soon pass, and attending a fitness club will become a pleasant and expected habit for you. Turn fitness into a game, you need to entertain yourself, so that the activities do not seem dull and monotonous. Once you pass the first stage of fighting laziness and wanting to quit fitness, you will feel more attractive and confident, your worldview will change for the better. You will notice that men began to look at you differently, because you are radiating energy and health.

For more motivation, put yourself more clearlyGoal, let it be insignificant for the beginning. But, the expected. Consider your constitution, the breadth of the bone and the rest of the parameters. Do not forget to praise yourself for achieving small goals, even if they will also motivate you to continue attending classes at the fitness center. Try not to miss classes, but do not forget to rest. Proper nutrition is important. Write a schedule of meals and fitness. This should be part of your life, but necessarily a pleasant, not a painful part.

Nobody requires you to give up the sweetOr other joys in life in one day. Just do it right. And believe me, the joy of this moment will bring much more when a small cake will be for you praise for a difficult day, and not just for that.
Remember about hygiene. Injuries, even the smallest, and sports are incompatible. If you are cut or scratched, it does not matter where, you need to process the wound beforehand and paste it with adhesive tape. Otherwise, there is a danger of infection. Also we all know that the nipples are a very gentle place, and because of the friction of the clothes there are microcracks, and the skin starts to hurt. You can avoid this if you do not wear cotton underwear, but a synthetic one. You need to pay attention to the fact that it was a special "breathable" fabric. If this option does not suit you, you can lubricate the nipples with something greasy, such as Vaseline.

Do not forget to take a shower after training, only not hot, but moderately warm. Because hot water can lead to dry skin.

It is important to remember that the gym is a publica place. From this it follows that on each simulator there are millions of bacteria, so do not wipe your face with your hands, take a towel for this. Before you change, be sure to wash your hands.

Also, many visitors to gyms sufferFrom rashes and acne. This is also a consequence of non-compliance with basic rules of hygiene. And also it is promoted by humidity, too narrow sportswear, sweat and many other items. Be careful.

If you want to accelerate the achievement of the goal, thenWill have to make a correct diet for food. Replace the sparkling water of mineral, fast food for a full meal, and remember about the lack of heavy food at night. Believe me, your body will thank you. Now you are eating right, your training at the fitness club is regular, now it's time to raise the requirements. Again it will be difficult, but you are already accustomed to the complexities, you are now working exclusively on the result, the preparatory stage of fitness is over. Because over time, your usual load will no longer produce an effect, you will have to complicate the workouts and increase the load. Here the main thing is not to break. It is necessary to go to the end. The last stage of fitness is to fix all the above. Now fitness is a part of your life, you have ceased to worry about the lack of cakes, it is important not to relax and continue in the same spirit. Fitness is life.

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