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Treatment of toothache folk remedies

Well, everyone can not be persuaded thatIt is best to come to the dentist and cure the tooth painlessly. For example, a good remedy is the leaves of valerian, or its tincture, which is applied to a sick tooth, and the pain disappears.

You can use a decoction of such herbs as: A snake-head, a yarrow, a goose's goatee. Boil the infusion, wait until it becomes warm and rinse your mouth for a few minutes. Or grate the finely red beet and put the flesh on the sore spot.

If you take one teaspoon of alcohol tinctureRoot marsh aura and dilute in 100 ml of water, the resulting product can rinse the mouth, and the pain disappears. You can also rinse with broth of horsetail, which is prepared as follows: 250 ml of boiling water pour 2 tables. Spoons of this plant, insist half a day. The obtained product rinse your mouth.

The treatment of toothache can be done with the help of conventional products, which almost always exist in every home.

For example, a finely chopped raw onion should be wrapped in a handkerchief and placed in the left ear, if the pain is on the right side of the oral cavity, and vice versa. The procedure is not pleasant, but very effective.

Another way that will ease the pain, the use of a mustard, a heating pad or lotion from finely chopped horseradish. And these components are put not on the tooth, but on the back of the head.

Garlic way. You can rub the gum of the tooth with a slice of garlic, but do not overdo it, because you can get a soft tissue burn. Another recipe is to mix garlic and black bread to the consistency of plasticine, spread the gum and the tooth itself.

There is a very ancient Russian method, whichHelps 100%. Tail from the pumpkin to light, collect the ash and put it in a sick tooth. An ancient Bulgarian method is to set fire to the aspen leaves, and to exhale the smoke and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. And so until the smoke is over.

In the old days they knew how to get rid of toothache. There were no dentists, that's why they came up with their own recipes. Which people still use. And the main recipes are simple, and the ingredients can be found without difficulty.

Is it hard to find a turnip? If it is grated, boil a few spoons in a quarter of a liter of water, let cool, pass through a sieve and rinse your mouth. Not such a complicated recipe. The main thing that the broth does not cool down, but also does not burn a mouth.

Quite a known way with salt. Taking sea or simple table salt in a small pouch, attach to the tooth. And the pain disappears.

Camphor alcohol can be used. Slightly soak the swab and insert it on the sore spot or into the tooth itself. Acts quickly. In case the pain intensifies, rub the gum near the aching tooth with alcohol, the effect will double.

Sagebrush. Very not tasty grass, but how much good. Her broth also can rinse your mouth during a toothache. Or, for example, calendula soak on alcohol, ready tincture to moisten the tampon and attach to the tooth. So is the oak bark. Pour boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes, then pour hot pepper and a couple of spoons of vinegar. When the broth is ready you can start rinsing the mouth.

Or almost the same way, but only with the help ofChicory root. One spoonful of chicory for 250 milliliters of boiling water, a little vinegar, wait 10 minutes. Remove sediment and rinse mouth. Or just chew the root of chicory.

An excellent remedy for pain can be prepared fromBirch buds. It can be cooked in large quantities and used when you need it. For 100 milliliters of alcohol, 25 grams of birch buds. Pour into dark dishes and store in a dark place. If necessary, get it, moisten the tampon and attach it to the tooth.

The most pleasant is a lemon balm. Eight small spoons of a liter of boiling water. Wait half an hour. Then use as directed.

Treatment with folk remedies is very convenient whenThe pain will catch you suddenly. Something is at home for everyone. But, and if there are no herbs, they can be collected in the forest, or come to your beloved grandmother. And the pharmacy now has many kinds of useful herbs. The composition of the recipes is simple and does not need any effort. Toothache for a person is not tolerable, folk recipes will certainly help.

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