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Cough causes headache

To begin with, note that such a malaiseIs considered unusual, because it is a small part of all types of headache (0, 4%). It is also important to note that the mechanisms of such a problem are not fully understood in medicine.

Headache and cough. Typically, this pain happens:

1. Primary. Cough in this case is caused by non-serious reasons. Such, for example, can become a cold or flu.

2. Secondary. Cough here is a symptom of a serious illness. Refer here, for example, brain disease.


The main characteristics of such pain areRapid occurrence and instant fading. The pain is more often bilateral (one-sided in one-third of patients), pounding, intense. Describe also acute, stitching headache. Most symptoms appear in the upper or the back of the head. In general, this kind of malaise lasts no more than a minute (sometimes up to 30 minutes).

It may be that in a few minutes, severe pain will decrease, and dull pain will remain until 1 to 2 hours. Such a misfortune can be given to the teeth.

This type of pain is most likely to affect middle-aged men, and the seizures completely disappear after a few years (rarely the duration of the disease reaches 10 years).

Important: increasing the intensity of pain can be dangerous.

Causes of cough causing pain

The cause of malaise can be both usual colds, and serious disorders: diseases of the brain or respiratory system.

There are other causes of headache when coughing:

1. Smoking.

It is important not only to cure cough, but also to quit smoking.

2. Allergy to smoke, pollen, dust and chemical vapors.

Treat allergies and try to keep as little as possible contact with its sources.

3. Change in weather.

In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system.

4. Asthma.

For this item, relief of the symptoms of the disease is required, and, just as in the previous paragraph, strengthening the body.

5. Inflammation of the pharynx or larynx.

You need to be treated by consulting a doctor.

The pain is especially sensitive to increased intracranial pressure when coughing or other disruptions in the body caused by a disease.

Important: make sure that the pain comes from the cough. This is important because the cause may be different, and cough only increases the suffering.


Be sure to pass a magnetic resonanceIntroscopy of the head, check the respiratory system to exclude dangerous diseases. If nothing serious is found, treat the illness causing the cough, and beware of its appearance in the future. For this reason, prevention is important to protect against the recurrence of such problems.

For treatment, we use antibiotics, cough suppressants, antipyretic and analgesic agents. The combination of drugs depends on the specific disease and the doctor's recommendations.

To treat directly the headache can be analgesics, antispasmodics and drugs that reduce intracranial pressure.

Indomethacin can help you in a dose of fiftyUp to two hundred milligrams per day. Half of the patients are assisted by spinal puncture with the ejection of forty milliliters of cerebrospinal fluid. It helps also to pull out teeth. You can also make warm or cold compresses, the temperature at the same time, select individually, taking into account your feelings.

Did you find something serious? In this case, completely follow the doctor's prescriptions.

Folk remedies to help you

You can use additionally to the basic preparations with various infusions and decoctions of fragrant herbs. There are also other interesting and even amazing findings.

Apply warm baths for hands or feet. Also suitable for all kinds of exercises, special diets.

Various means of oriental medicine can help. Take here, for example, acupuncture.

1. We treat a cough.

The most well-known remedies for cough: honey, mother-and-stepmother, sage, chamomile, ledum.

You can use grated bananas or wine with pepper. Tinctures of eucalyptus will also help. A good way to cure a cough is radish with honey or sugar.

2. We treat the disease itself.

Of course, it is necessary to eliminate variousSymptoms accompanying cough. From the heat, for example, you will help magical raspberries. Excellent helpers for colds - linden flowers, mustard powder. The following herbs will be useful to you: wormwood, motherwort, chicory.

Catarrhal procedures also help with catarrhal diseases.

Interestingly: the heat removes the cherry.

3. We treat a headache.

From pain you will be helped by menthol oil, green or black tea with a pinch of mint, fresh juice of the viburnum. Also use a variety of types of massage. Showing compresses, wipes, lotions.

You can make a collection of peppermint, oregano, kipreya, infusion of lemon balm. Herbs will suit you: thyme creeping, elephant high, St. John's wort.

We wish you to get rid of the annoyingPain. And finally, we note that regardless of the type of headache, it is necessary to identify and cure the disease that caused it. Of course, the cause can be stress, fatigue and other problems.

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