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Treatment of headache without drugs

Brown wrapping paper and vinegar reduceSevere headache. Vinegar can have a cooling and astringent effect, and the absorbent properties of the paper are a good tool as a compress.

Headache differs in strength from the unpleasantShort-term sensation to an intense headache. It can be localized over the entire surface of the head, in the nape of the neck, in the frontal part, in the temples, in the field of eyeballs. Migraine is called a severe headache, which is often repeated. Occasionally, headaches occur in everyone, people, but with age their frequency decreases slightly.

Causes of a headache is a stroke,Hypertension, brain tumor, osteochondrosis, enlargement or spasm of blood vessels, allergy. And also the cause of pain is dental disease, drugs, excessive alcohol intake, eye fatigue, poor lighting, smoke, dehydration, stress.

Pain prevention
A healthy diet reduces the headachesPain, prevents the formation of food allergies, improves the condition of blood vessels, nerves, muscles, increases resistance to infections. To prevent dehydration, drink at least six glasses of water a day. As far as possible, react positively to stress. It is necessary to avoid cigarette smoke. To moisten the air, get yourself a houseplant or buy a humidifier. Ionizer will help some. During reading, select the direction of lighting.

Treatment with phytotherapy.
Take the following herbs, 3 cups a day inA kind of tea or tincture - 5 drops of infusion, diluted with a certain amount of water, eat after meals or during meals, if necessary, eat every 2 hours, but no more than 3 times a day.

- Take no more than 2 weeks of tincture of feverfew.

- From the bitter taste you can get rid of if you put the leaves of pyrethrum inside the sandwich. Sometimes in some people, ulcers in the tongue and mouth are formed.

Such a plant, facilitates a severe headache, which is caused by spasm or dilated blood vessels.

- For the relief of the headache, drink a cup of picker tea or rosemary, or mix these herbs with the oriental or drink a tincture of passionflowers.

- For relaxing tense muscles, drinkA cup of infusion of guelder rose bark or valerian in a mixture with rosemary or taolga. If you feel stressed, add dried passionflower, oatmeal, verbena or chamomile.

Aromatic Therapy.
Essential oils will help relieve nasal congestion, relieve tension, relieve pain. Add them to the bath, into the massage oil, into the hot water for inhalation.

- With a headache that is caused by muscle tension, try chamomile oil or lavender oil.

- Nasal congestion causes a headache, for this use mint or eucalyptus oil.
- Strike 2 drops of lavender oil behind the ears, on the temples, at the base of the skull.

- Cap on the napkin for 2 drops of peppermint oil, lavender and 3 times inhale their fragrance.

Headache can be an alarm, and withUsing pain, the body warns of a malfunctioning mechanism. It is necessary to find and cure the cause of the headache. It can be so painful that you need to take off her attack. In addition to drugs, you can use folk remedies for headaches.

With a headache you can help cope ifTake a hot foot bath, sometimes use hot drink, tighten your head, apply hot compresses on your head. It is not superfluous to cleanse the intestines.

- Some help the sour cabbage, it should be applied to the temples and to the sore head, for this you need to wrap the cabbage in a clean towel or rag.

- A decoction of mint, which is prepared from the calculationTo a glass of boiling water ½ tablespoon of herbs, then cook on a water bath, let it brew, and then drain. You need to take, 100 ml three times a day, twenty minutes before meals.

- When the headache is caused on the nerves, then there will help drink, which is made from the juice of guelder rose or black currant. It is useful to use broth primrose, elecampane, St. John's wort.

- An effective tool that will help to cope with a severe headache if you apply a cabbage leaf to your head.

Now we know how the treatment of the headPain without any medication. Follow these tips and you can reduce the headache a little. And before applying this or that prescription, against a headache without medicines, you need to consult with your doctor.

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