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Intimate genital plasty in women

Our country, in spite of modern trends,A certain traditionality of views. There is still somehow not accepted in the open to talk about the problems of the intimate sphere - it is considered uncomfortable. If problems arise in a man - he is "impotent," and if a woman - she is "frigid." And once the label is hung, then there is nothing more to discuss. Of course, this is not the most correct approach, to say the least. The saddest thing is that hushing up such serious problems and inability or just unwillingness to understand them leads to very sad consequences. Of course, intimate - it means, the most intimate, the most personal, about which you can speak in a low voice. But the main thing after all is to speak, because if the problem exists, then it must be solved.

The development of intimate surgery

In our time, plastic surgery has developed a great deal, but few know that one of the most popular of its varieties is intimate genital plasty. She happens to be Not only a means of preserving beauty, but alsoSolves many problems associated with aesthetic gynecology. In fact, intimate plastic is a method and means of eliminating external unaesthetic features of the external genitalia. This is achieved through surgical intervention to bring the appearance of the genital organs back to normal, or to restore their lost function. Such operations, if carried out correctly, do not affect the excitability and the possibility of experiencing orgasm. There is, however, an exception to the plasticity of the clitoris, when it is released from the skin fold, which prevents the clitoral orgasm. In addition, the degree of pleasure obtained can be influenced by the operation to reduce the clitoris. In this case, the risk of impaired sensitivity is not ruled out, and the woman will lose the opportunity to ever experience orgasm. In other cases, intimate plastic is almost painless, since the operations are performed under local or general anesthesia and do not have any consequences after themselves.

What includes intimate plastic

Intimate plastic includes suchProcedures, such as the plasticity of large and small labia, labioplasty (restoration of the labia during injury or after deformity), as well as surgical defloration and restoration of innocence (hymenoplasty).

Intimate plasticity - it's not scary at all and notcomplicated. For example, if you have too long labia that fringe the vagina, which causes discomfort to you when you have sex or even just sitting, the surgeon will perform a correction. He uses local anesthesia and removes excess tissue so that the large labia hide completely small. This operation takes you only one day. The postoperative period proceeds very quickly, and the probability of complications is zero.

Also, a doctor can be corrected ifIn the patient the length of one of the labia considerably exceeds the length of the other (this is called elongation). Symmetry is easily restored, which will give you confidence. And without the confidence of making love is not a joy.

In addition, intimate surgery includes operationsTo increase the labia. With the passage of years or after childbirth, they can become very flabby, may even occur their sagging or atrophy. In this case, the doctor performs a resection of the labia majora (if you need to increase the size), or a lipofilling operation (if there is atrophy). The operation of this kind can be performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia, which is absolutely painless. As a result, you will get an improved appearance of the genitals and a pleasant application - an improved quality of sexual life.

Also to the services of plastic surgeons oftenAre women or girls with two rather piquant problems: the restoration of the hymen and its forced surgical rupture. If the first scenario Motivation of patients is quite understandable (do not want toFrustrate strict parents or vigilant groom), then artificial defloration causes many bewilderment. Like, is it worth doing in the hospital what can be done at home while accompanying pleasant music and with a romantic mood? In fact, sometimes due to physiological characteristics, the girl has too much hymen density, which does not lend itself to the male organ. And it happens that the girl just feels fear and pain when trying to deflow, and she does not want to torture herself again and again. If the problem can not be solved by the usual method, then it is better for a man not to show excessive persistence, because you can seriously damage a girl. In such cases it is better to consult a doctor who will simply dissect with a scalpel of the hymen, then stretch the fingers into the vagina and install a special tampon. This procedure takes only 15 minutes, but then you can without fear and pain enjoy the delights of sexual life.

If, on the contrary, you have already received yourSexual experience without any operations, and now just want to return the former innocence, so as not to upset the groom or not to incite the relatives, then there is a way out. The beautiful word "hymenoplasty" hides a very delicate procedure, allowing the girl to feel like a young girl again. It does not matter why she needed it. The main thing is that the surgeon will easily solve the problem of restoring intimate organs in women without problems and consequences. The mucous membrane of the vagina is sewn together in such a way as to create a loose obstacle at the entrance to it.

However, whatever problem leads you toPlastic surgeon, remember: there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! After all, even the most delicate problems are solved and soon you will forget for ever that which prevented you from enjoying proximity for many months or even years.

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