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Useful properties of goat fat

Application of animal fats in folk medicine.

Fats are needed by the body for various purposes, andfor him it is not only "fuel", energy material - together with proteins, fats form cell walls and nuclei, and also participate in the metabolism in cells.

Traditional medicine uses fats, like home,both wild and wild. Exotic fats - bear and badger are very well known, which are used mainly for the treatment of tuberculosis. One of the recipes recommends mixing melted bear or badger fat with aloe juice. In principle, these fats can be replaced with fat of domestic animals, but then, according to many folk healers, the effect of treatment will not be as good. It is believed that the fat of wild animals is most effective.

In the course of medical research,that for the production of enzymes is necessary for a long time, and they are aimed at splitting any familiar products. If a person consumes something new that is unfamiliar to the body, he can not immediately digest and digest it. A consequence may be various disorders, for example, inflammation of the gallbladder, intestinal disorders. The same applies to medicinal products. Therefore, when you make them at home, you do not want to use exotic ingredients.

Most fats melt at hightemperature. This is an important property: fats are digested much better at low temperatures. From the point of view of medicine, more valuable are those fats that carry the body not only energy, but also biologically active substances. When used in reasonable doses, fats are very useful for children, the elderly, with fatigue, anemia, weakness and exhaustion.

Goat fat: useful properties.

Goat fat is often used in folk medicinewhen treating many diseases. Warm goat fat rub your back and chest before going to bed with a cold. With a peptic ulcer, enemas with goat fat are made. Goat fat quickly freezes, so it is very effective. Its effect is stronger than that of pork fat. It is digested quickly, so people who persist in its food, digestion improves, strength and vigor come.

Goat fat can have a laxative effect,to heal the problems of bone tissue of the joints. This remedy is used to reduce temperature, with hearing problems, fainting and mental disorders, and also to increase potency.

Traditional medicine knows ways, like outdoor,and the internal use of goat fat. Animal fats are very popular among specialists in cosmetology and doctors, but, we note, exclusively in kind. Goat fat is the basis for the preparation of medications, and it is used for skin diseases. With its application, healing of wounds and burns occurs faster.

Traditional medicine recommends the use of goat fat in the following cases:

With chronic cough and bronchitis use a tool that consists offat goats and milk. Goat fat is easiest to find in the market. For patients with chronic bronchitis, the medicine can be prepared as follows: take a mug - that is, 300 ml - of cow's milk, bring to a boil, then cool slightly. In the milk, add 1 tablespoon of fat and honey. Give the mixture to the patient. It should be drunk in large sips, and then lie down and take cover with a warm blanket. Such a drug should be taken 3-4 times a day, and continue the course a few days after recovery to consolidate the results. This remedy gives a very good effect, they can cure even an advanced cough and bronchitis.

For the treatment of colds in children apply goat fat with propolis. Fat is melted in a water bath, then about 20 ml of propolis tincture is added. The mixture must be continued to heat, stirring until the alcohol completely evaporates and its consistency becomes homogeneous. When the mixture is completely cooled, it should be placed in a jar and placed in a refrigerator for storage. When you need to grind the child, take part of the ointment, heat it, and after rubbing, put the baby in bed.

Goat fat is also used inflammation and pain relief. Based on it, therapeutic ointments are prepared, mixing withit broths, tinctures and extracts from medicinal herbs. Compresses and lotions with ointment based on fat goats help to quickly cope with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, skin, musculoskeletal system. Use it to heal burns, wounds, when salt is deposited.

Fats have different properties, which depend on the age and type of animal. These properties of fat need to be studied well before you begin to apply it for therapeutic purposes.

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