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Products that contain vitamin A

Fat-soluble vitamin A does not dissolve in water. In order for it to adapt to the body, the body must have the necessary fats, proteins and minerals. In our body, the liver and so accumulates vitamin A, but if necessary, with a lack of this vitamin can eat foods that contain this vitamin.

Its useful components can be lost whenLong-term finding of products in the open air and with various treatments: canning, cooking. The maximum amount of vitamin that can be stored with this treatment reaches 60-80%.

Properties and importance of vitamin A

The role of the antioxidant vitamin A is very wide. It can not be described in a nutshell. All of its useful properties we need to maintain health.

It promotes the normalization of protein synthesis inOrganism, promotes the health of cells. Vitamin A is useful for teeth and bones. It correctly distributes fat deposits and helps to update old cells with new ones.

About his usefulness for the eyes knew in ancient timestime. The then doctors and healers used cooked liver for night blindness, and, as is known, the liver contains a huge amount of vitamin A antioxidant. Vitamin performs the normal state of the retina and visual analyzers.

Normal performance of the immune system, andAlso, the body's immunity from infections is not feasible without the antioxidant vitamin A. It increases the resistance from mucosal viruses, helps the leukocytes work, protects the respiratory tract, urogenital system, gastrointestinal tract. Problems with the endocrine system also make themselves felt in the absence of vitamin A.

Infections such as measles or smallpox are easyAre transferred in those countries where the standard of living is higher, but poor nutrition, in which there is an acute shortage of vitamin A, can complicate the course of these diseases, which can lead to the death of the sick person. Even those who are infected with AIDS, having a sufficient amount of vitamin A antioxidant in the body, can live longer than ordinary people due to the fact that they consume vitamin A in foods and vitamin preparations.

Our skin needs this vitamin. It promotes the renewal of cells, restores tissues, mucous membranes. Even you can find antioxidant analogues of vitamin A in anti-aging cosmetics. It cures skin diseases, problems with face, body, helps healing burns, wounds. Helps synthesize collagen, promotes the renewal of all layers of tissue. Using it during pregnancy, the mother helps the development of her baby, enriching it with vitamin A. Its deficiency can harm the fetus - it is possible to lack the weight of the newborn. It also helps in the treatment of cancer in conjunction with beta-keratin and in post-operative recovery of the body.

If in the body, vitamin A is distributed normally,Then its active components contribute to the protection of the heart and arteries. With atherosclerosis and angina, it helps to reduce the "harmful" and increase "useful" cholesterol.

Products that contain retinol (vitamin A)

Vitamin A can be found in green, red,Yellow products. For example: in vegetables, various kinds of berries and fruits. But, and the richest sources containing a large amount of this vitamin are pumpkin, parsley, spinach, apricots and carrots. They contain it most of all. And besides these vegetables and fruits in themselves have useful properties.

But the best source of vitamin A is stillFish oil and liver, and also in large quantities it can be found in butter, egg yolks, milk and cream. For example, beef, cereals and low-fat vitamin A products are kept in very small quantities.

When eating various types of vegetables and fruits that have beta-kerotin, oxidative reactions occur in the body that produce an antioxidant vitamin A.

But still scientists have shown evidence thatUsing only the components that contain vitamin A with its deficiency in the body, you can not make up for it the body. It is necessary to use vitamin preparations containing vitamin A. They do not harm the body, only make up for the loss of this vitamin.

Interaction of vitamin A

How does the antioxidant vitamin A interact withOther substances? It is known that vitamin A can be consumed with vitamin E, for the best absorption of the organism of these substances. Also it is compatible with useful vitamins B and D, Calcium, zinc and phosphorus.

The lack of zinc in the body is detrimental toThe body, and beta-carotene can not convert to vitamin A. It is also contraindicated to combine beta-carotene with alcohol, it kills our liver.

Vitamin A in any case should not be used together with retinoids - it will be detrimental to the body, harm the tissues and internal organs.

In the modern world at the moment there are manyPreparations invented by mankind, for the protection of the body and filling it with useful vitamins. There are also many drugs that have vitamin A, which help the body with its lack, or for prevention.

But many drugs are saturated with the collection of different types of vitamins, the balance of which destroys the usefulness of each other.

It is worth remembering that it is best to take advantage ofFolk remedies to replenish the antioxidant vitamin A, namely, to eat foods that contain vitamin A. It is more useful to take natural food than there are pills. Only if necessary, use pharmaceutical ingredients, and then by appointment of a doctor, so as not to cause harm to your body.

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