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Treatment of cough with folk remedies during pregnancy

Of course, one can not be treated independently,Using drugs without any control. No matter how expensive and famous medicines and pills for coughing you did not come to mind, nevertheless, during pregnancy it is better to seek advice from a doctor. If you suddenly feel unwell, you have fever, you started to cough or sneeze, immediately contact the doctor who is treating you, otherwise you will put your pregnancy at risk.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, what wouldThen neither the drugs nor their administration are highly undesirable. That is why the early pregnancy requires cough treatment only safe for the future mother and her baby means and methods. The safest method is the treatment of coughing folk remedies during pregnancy.

You ask: How to get rid of cough, using only the recipes of traditional medicine? And everything is simple. Do not be lazy. It is necessary to purposely and regularly clean up your own throat, and with the folk remedies known to us from the very childhood. This is rinsing and inhalation.

Can be of great help in treating cough duringPregnancy and various types of phyto-tea. They are safe and useful as well as various natural grasses. Below we will discuss in more detail the methods of cough treatment in such a difficult period as pregnancy, and we will give the simplest and safest recipes for eliminating the unpleasant cold symptoms.

First you need to tell about the cough and its nature. When pregnancy coughing, and even with the separation of sputum - unpleasant signals, notifying that the body is infected. As already mentioned, pregnant women with a cough should consult a doctor who will determine the cause of this condition and will monitor the course of the disease and recovery. He will establish: a dry cough or wet, whether it is spastic, when and how it occurs, etc.

If coughing occurs during cough, thenIt is called productive or moist, and if there is no sputum, then it is unproductive or dry. Unproductive cough accompanies, as a rule, infections of the upper respiratory system. But it can have an allergic nature. When a dry cough turns into a wet cough, then soon it is worth waiting for a recovery, because this is a clear sign of improvement in the condition of a pregnant woman.

Cough during pregnancy: what's the danger?

He is dangerous because he can during pregnancyGo to the chronic stage, which will later require the use of strong medicines, which will jeopardize your health and the health of your unborn baby. That is why the treatment procedures must be timely appointed by the doctor and conducted in full compliance with the recommendations. If you have a severe cough, then it is very dangerous at a low level of placentation (placenta previa), because as the coughing muscles tend to strain and bleeding can suddenly occur.

And now a few words about the methods used by folk medicine for cough treatment at home during pregnancy.

1. Rinse using decoctions, soda mixture.

For rinsing, you can use decoctions ofChamomile, sage, mother-and-stepmother, St. John's wort. These herbs can be used both separately and combined with each other. A soda mixture for rinsing is prepared as follows: a teaspoon of baking soda is diluted with water (warm) and a couple drops of iodine are dripped. If you are experiencing an individual intolerance of any components, or you may have an allergy, then this cough treatment is contraindicated for you.

2. Inhalations.

Unproductive (dry) cough in the periodPregnancy will help to facilitate inhalation with couples from decoction of sage, plantain, linden color, triple leaf watch, chamomile. In a couple of days, when the dry cough goes into the wet cough and sputum is released, other herbs can be used. Wet cough during pregnancy can be treated with inhalations of decoctions of herb tea, yarrow, cranberries, eucalyptus leaf and string. But inhalation for a couple can be done only if your temperature is normal and not increased.

3. Syrups and herbal teas.

Excellent expectorant and antitussiveMeans - tea from black currant leaves, mother-and-stepmother and plantain. When pregnant, you can drink onion syrup, as well as syrups, which doctors recommend for children. Pharmaceutical products, such as Doctor MOM and Gedelix, can be safely attributed to the means allowed to eliminate cough from future mothers.

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