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Useful properties of jelly

Returning to the question of the benefits of jelly and histhere is no sense in talking about the latter at all. Huge advantage of kissel in its ability to prevent dysbacteriosis, which has become in recent times a "disease" of the century. Those who suffer from excessive acidity of gastric juices must necessarily include kissels in their diet.

All medicinal properties of Kisel depend on theon what basis it is prepared. When preparing it, you can use fresh berries, syrups, milk. Whatever you choose, jelly will still get delicious. The most useful kissel is the one in the preparation of which was taken as the basis of the gerbera croup. This jelly was considered the most delicious in Russia, and still very useful. It should be noted that the jellies are quite high in calories. Therefore, those who wish to reduce their weight, it is not recommended to use it, despite all its useful properties.

Many scientists who conducted researchjelly, as a product, it is proved that it is able to successfully remove harmful substances from the body, including lead. In the composition of jelly, there are a lot of amino acids and vitamins useful for the human body. In its composition there is also fiber, which largely stabilizes the work of the whole gastrointestinal tract. It gives a feeling of comfort and ease in the stomach and makes it impossible for overeating.

As for the benefits of cooked jelly onoats, then, of course, we must point out its excellent nutritional and useful properties and qualities. Kissel based on oats can increase immunity. Extraordinary in its qualities, trace elements, which are contained in oats, are manifested in their fullness and in jelly. Absolutely not exaggerating, we can confidently say that the jelly, cooked on oats - the most useful of all kinds of kissels. People in the age of such a kissel consider this product, which reminds them of youth, and indeed it is capable of charging with energy, giving courage, and increasing the general tone. By the way, oatmeal is considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

Kissel is a high-calorie, nutritious dish,which quickly brings a feeling of saturation. It has a high starch content, but it retains a huge amount of vitamins. For those who suffer from high acidity, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, it is necessary to use this product because of its alkalinizing effect on the human body.

Kissels, which are prepared on the basis ofhigh-quality juices or berries, for the content of useful substances, including acids of organic origin, have long become leaders among other beverages. Such jelly have medicinal properties, largely dependent on the fruits, which were taken as a basis for this or that kind of jelly.

If you took blueberries, then this kissel will be very effective in treating diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract. And blueberries help to restore lost visual acuity.

Kissel on the basis of apples or apple juicerecommend to use to prevent the development of hypovitaminosis, anemia. It is also useful for improving digestive processes. Such a kissel can also be used as a dietary remedy.

Kissel on mountain ash is very useful if you suffer from gall bladder and liver diseases. It has a slight laxative property, as well as a diuretic and cholagogue.

Kissel with cherries is an excellent antiseptic. It is also used for an auxiliary agent in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system.

Kissel on cranberries is a wonderful drink that you can drink with ARI, flu. In this jelly, useful properties are due to the content in it of a large number of acetylsalicylic acids.

Well, a lot has already been said about oatmeal. This is a traditional Russian "balm", which helps with gastric diseases. It is a vitamin rich remedy.

The question of the use of jelly was repeatedlydiscussion. And everything, as usual, ended in an exchange of views. Many kissels are reasonably considered a substitute for food - so nutritious and tasty!

Often nutritionists are of the opinion that injelly is not only starch, but also contributes to the accumulation and deposition of excess fat carbohydrates. In this, of course, there is some truth, but this does not apply to oatmeal. He is completely harmless. A glass of oatmeal for calories is 100 kcal. This is known to be a very low, if not to say, insignificant, indicator.

And in conclusion, speaking about the benefits of jelly, you needsay that any jelly from the category of "fast cooking", even the one that offers pharmacy chains, is very far from its qualities and properties from the natural, homemade jelly. It does not have the same vitamins, minerals and other useful trace elements. The advertisers know their business, their task is to sell, even if the product is of poor quality. Do not believe all that pours from the TV screens.

Only a product prepared independently at home,can guarantee to you and your family all the exclusivity of the benefits of this truly wonderful, primordially Russian, drink - jelly. Make friends with this wonderful product, and it will bring you a sea of ​​good and health!

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