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Treatment of genital herpes in pregnancy

There are two types of herpes: Simple and genital. The latter is very dangerous, especially during pregnancy. The reasons for concern for pregnant women are enough. After all, every good mother wants her child's health. The danger lies in the fact that the infected future mother, due to the lack of necessary antibodies in her blood, transmits the virus to her child. It penetrates directly through the placenta. Statistics suggest that many primary infections of the herpes virus in pregnant women provoke miscarriage.

One more unpleasant result of infection withBearing - the risk of developing certain vices in the fetus. And if in the third trimester it is discovered that a woman is sick with genital herpes, then the fact that the baby is born either dead or with deviations in the development of the brain function is irreversible. Therefore, the treatment of genital herpes in pregnancy is the main task for the birth of a healthy child.

When a person enters the human body, the virusHerpes settles in the nerve cells. Remaining invisible until a certain period of time, manifests itself in all its glory with the transfer of nervous stress or weakened immunity. Before the appearance on the surface of the body the virus goes a long way along nerve fibers.

Without a gynecologist, treat herpes for treatmentIt is undesirable. This is explained by the simple reason that only a qualified specialist is able to select the most suitable drugs for the full recovery of a pregnant woman. Some drugs work on the virus itself, others - on immunity. The most interesting thing is that it is not necessary at all that the remedy you used earlier (before pregnancy) is right now. Occupation by herpes self-treatment during pregnancy is absolutely unacceptable! And nobody canceled the rules of personal hygiene.

Contraindications for antiherpetic ointmentsFor pregnant women until today has not yet been. "Zovirax" and "Acyclovir" are quite suitable for the treatment of genital herpes in pregnancy. The effectiveness of these funds has been proven. Another way out of such unpleasant positions are anti-herpetic lipsticks, based on extracts from medicinal plants: tea tree, calendula, chamomile, white tea. If you take into account the people's means, then often used "Corvalol". They smear the affected area. Earwax is the so-called "grandmother's remedy". But the most effective of them is fir oil - a natural antiseptic.

If the immune system "pumps up", it is possibleVariant of the use of immunoglobulins. Of course, we do not forget about the need for prior consultation with a gynecologist! Possible immunostimulants: eleutherococcus, echinacea, ginseng.

Greatly contribute to the rise of immunity andThe destruction of the herpes virus B vitamins (naturally they are in large quantities in meat), and so-called dietary supplements are biologically active additives that can be used in pregnancy for the treatment of the herpes virus.

Responsible gynecologists are obligatoryAdvise their pregnant patients infected with this virus to add to their daily diet products containing amino acid lysine (present in fruits, vegetables, chicken, etc.). Lysine inhibits the reproduction of the virus. And here is the raisin, and chocolate should be deleted from the list of products used. The amino acid arginine contained in them promotes and actively stimulates the development of herpes in women on demolitions.

All diseases are from nerves. The old truthful proverb. Dear future mothers, our dear women, if you realize that you are not necessarily nervous about anything and without any reason, you will get rid of most of your diseases forever. And most importantly - save them from their future hotly loved kids.

Smile more often and be healthy!

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