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Folk remedies for angina pectoris

Folk remedies for the disease.

Rosehip and hawthorn.

To treat the disease there is anotherFolk recipe - apply a decoction of dogrose and hawthorn. Preparation and use: take pre-crushed plants (about five tablespoons of rose hips and ten - hawthorn), fill it in a saucepan, and pour two liters of boiling water, insist in a warm place for two days, then strain and take inside, before meals, three times Per day, 200 ml each.

Hawthorn and motherwort.

Also recommend to use a decoction of hawthorn andMotherwort. Preparation: take six tablespoons of (full) motherwort and the same amount of hawthorn fruit, pour seven cups of boiling water and let it sit in a warm place, wrapped in a towel, within 24 hours, then drain. The broth should be stored in the refrigerator. Method of using this medication: should take 1 glass, three times a day, not sweetening. To improve the taste of the broth, you can mix it with broth of rose hips.

Garlic, honey and lemon.

For the treatment of angina, a mixture of garlic,Honey and lemon. Preparation: through the meat grinder, you need to skip ten uncleaned lemons and add ten minced garlic grinders (not to be confused with slices), mixed with one liter of honey. Stir the mixture and put it in a closed dish. Let it brew for a week. Take 4 teaspoons of a mixture every day - once a day. To drink it is necessary, not hurrying up, savoring a mix. Treatment continue for two months.


Cermes of lemon, which contain a huge amount of essential oils, are necessary for patients with angina pectoris. You need to chew washed lemon peels - it's very useful.

Cottage cheese.

In the treatment of angina, curd is also used. It is advised to consume at least a hundred grams of cottage cheese per day.

Flower honey.

Very strong drug effect withAngina renders floral honey. Application: take honey in small amounts, one teaspoon, twice a day, along with tea, milk, fruit or cottage cheese.


For the treatment of the disease, infusion of leavesOregano, which, in addition to medicinal, has a calming and analgesic effect. Preparation and use: 1 tablespoon of medicinal raw material pour a glass of hot water and let it brew for two hours. Take it inwards, 1 tablespoon, three times a day.

Cornweed steep.

Infusion of wheat flour is used in treatmentAngina pectoris - it slows down the rhythms of heartbeats. Application: you need to pour two tablespoons of herb grass with a glass of boiling water and put on a weak fire. Heat on a water bath for fifteen minutes with a closed container. Then you need to cool and strain the infusion. Then add water to the initial level. Take it once a day for a quarter of a glass. In the refrigerator, the infusion is stored for no more than two days.

Lily of the valley.

In the treatment of angina pectoris, as well as in dropsy andHeart defects, apply the infusion of flowers of the May lily of the valley. Preparation and use of this: you need to pour a glass of hot water a tablespoon of raw materials and let it brew for an hour. Take inside, three times a day, a quarter of a glass. Method of preparation of tincture: placing in the bottle raw materials (up to half), tightly ramming it, you need to pour a bottle to the top with 45% alcohol or vodka. Put in a cool darkened place and insist for ten days. Take every day for five to fifteen drops of the obtained tincture.

Bark of mountain ash.

When angina pectoris is recommended to take a decoctionRowan bark. It is necessary to take half a liter of water and fill it with two hundred grams of bark, then boil for half an hour. Let it brew and take three times a day, half an hour before a meal, one tablespoon.

The root of elecampane is high.

For the treatment of angina and cardiosclerosisRecommend taking the tincture of the root elecampane. Preparation: add thirty grams of ground crushed elecampane root to a half liter of vodka, and let it brew for ten days. Take 30-35 drops, three times a day.


Decoction of marginal sunflower flowers is used forTreatment of heart and vascular diseases. So, you should pour a glass of water one glass of flowers, and boil for five minutes, then let it brew, cool and strain. Take the resulting broth for two days, drink for six meals.

And remember ...

If an unexpected attack of angina occurs, andNear there is no doctor, remember: valocordin, validol and corvalolus can not help you. It is necessary to take nitroglycerin, which very well extinguishes seizures. It brings relaxation to the walls of blood vessels, enlarges the lumens, and the heart "thinks" that it has enough oxygen. Take it as a rule to always carry nitroglycerin. If the pains will bother you after twenty minutes after taking nitroglycerin, it can be considered signs that are similar to myocardial infarction. In this case, you need to immediately seek help from specialists.

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