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Therapeutic properties of fish oil

Fish oil: its usefulness and composition, richness of components

Fish oil is a kind of oily liquid, which is produced from the liver of codfish. Its composition is represented by three main components:

Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and D. All these elements make this product very valuable for human health. Retinol, or vitamin A, in fish oil is contained in a very large amount. First of all, it is useful for women. It helps to keep your hair, nails and skin in order. It is necessary to maintain normal mucous membranes. If you have brittle dry hair, tightened face skin, brittle nails, then you obviously need to fill the shortage of retinol.

Calcium and phosphorus to human cellsOf the body is supplied with the help of vitamin D. Regular transportation of these elements to the tissues is necessary to improve the condition of the teeth and bones, as well as for the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

Vitamins A and D and their combination improve vision, they directly affect color perception and the quality of vision in the twilight light.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3) -This is the greatest value of fish oil. The human body is not able to produce such types of acids, although their significance is enormous, so a person should receive them in sufficient volume from outside. Fish oil, in addition to these basic elements, contains in the micro doses magnesium, calcium, iron and iodine.

Fish oil: polyunsaturated species of fatty acids (omega-3). The benefit of RJ.

As mentioned above, omega-3 is polyunsaturatedTypes of fatty acids, - the most important component necessary for the normalization of metabolic processes. It is an excellent energy generator for any person. These types of acids should be consumed daily and should account for about 20 percent of the total calories consumed.

Pregnant women especiallyRelated to the consumption of these types of acids. They are needed both in the body of the future mother, and in the body of the baby so that the brain can develop normally and fully. Omega-Z acids are also needed for people of the older generation. They need to protect the brain from premature destruction and constantly monitor the concentration of attention. Omega-Z is an excellent helper in this.

The proven abilities of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3) have significant advantages. They are capable of:

  • Healthily to work on the body with various inflammatory processes.
  • Normalize the temperature and blood pressure.
  • Generate energy when splitting.
  • Forming protective shells for internal organs.
  • Reduce the possibility of developing heart and vascular diseases.
  • Reduce the possibility of blood clots.
  • Reduce blood cholesterol level.
  • Heal ulcers - gastric and duodenal ulcers.

It has long been proven that fatty acids(Omega-Z) help to fight overweight. They stimulate the metabolism of fats in the body and normalize the digestive processes, thereby helping to lose up to 1, 5 extra pounds per day. With cancer, Omega-3 acids do not allow weight loss, and in the treatment of such ailments, positive dynamics are reinforced.

The use of omega-3 fatty acids helpsRaise the tone of the body and emotional level. These acids help inhibit the production of stress hormones, but they also increase the generation of the hormone, as it is called, "happiness", or serotonin. Nature has given us a completely natural remedy for avoiding depressions and repaying stresses. As a preventive measure, fish oil helps prevent colds, ARI, development of rickets in children. It also increases immunity.

Fish oil: contraindications

Of course, fish oil also has contraindications toApplication. If a person suffers from any of the diseases listed below, then the fish oil should either be excluded from the diet in general, or taken with caution.

So, you need to carefully consider the intake of fish oil, if you:

  • There are allergic reactions when using fish,
  • Thyroid disease,
  • The gastrointestinal tract is affected,
  • Fixed tuberculosis, its active phase,
  • In the blood a lot of calcium,
  • Increased cholesterol,
  • Soon should appear baby,
  • Lactation period.

Fish Oil Consumption: Restrictions

Those who have low blood pressure, whoIs constantly forced to take medications that reduce it, you need to confine yourself to taking fish oil, because it also has similar properties.

Those who suffer from diabetes canTake RZ only under the supervision of a doctor. Until now, it has not been studied to the end: what result does the reception of fish oil lead to an increase in blood sugar levels or to its normalization.

Do not risk sharing fish oil andOther medications, including homeopathic, and folk remedies, because this can lead to complications that are dangerous to health. That's why you need to consult your doctor about what and in what quantities you take, so that there are no lamentable results.

Consult with a doctor is also necessary whenYou decided to give fish oil to your child. It is necessary to observe the exact dosage, and it is necessary to buy fish oil only from manufacturers of well-known respected brands. This will help to protect yourself and your child from poisoning and other unpleasant surprises.

Fish oil: its medicinal properties and dosage

If a person feels healthy and does not haveThere are no of the above diseases, it is recommended to consume fish oil for three months, preferably every year. It can be used in the form of capsules, dietary supplements and in liquid form.

Those to whom the use of RJ in its pure formContraindicated, can receive all the microelements contained in it from the fish itself. It should be consumed approximately 150 g once a week, but, preferably, more often. Preferably buy fish of low-fat species, to which we are accustomed, but fish of "noble" varieties. It would be desirable to still know the place where the fish was caught, and how environmentally friendly this region is.

Fish oil: application externally

RThe fat is also used as an oil forapplication externally. Such fish oil is used for applying to burns and wounds for healing, as well as for scars. Good fish oil and as a mask for hair. It helps to improve their appearance and general condition.

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