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Green tea with milk for weight loss

Residents of Europe have relatively recently becomeUse green tea, in contrast to the inhabitants of the East, where for millennia there are traditions of consumption of green tea. Thanks to this wonderful drink, which has many healing properties, people in Eastern countries quench their thirst from time immemorial, it is accepted that it is green tea that helps them to remain mobile, youthful and grow longevity.

Green tea with milk for weight loss is irreplaceabletool. It is worth noting that in countries where tea drinking traditions are strong, it is difficult to find a fat person. A vivid example can serve as residents of Japan and China. The fact that green tea is able to purify the human body, removing toxins, normalizing metabolic processes and regulating the work of the intestine.

According to leading nutritionists, green tea is neededUse as often as possible, wanting to lose weight. Skip extra pounds, you can quickly focus on the consumption of fruits and vegetables and reducing the number of sweets and flour products, and even completely abandon them. Boiled meat is much better to eat than in fried. It is necessary to limit the amount of salt and sugar. Buckwheat and rice are allowed in the diet in very limited quantities. But the restrictions in the consumption of green tea should not be, if you intend to lose weight.

Thanks to green tea, the body will get rid ofExcess fluid, and only then will lose extra pounds. By accustoming the body to eating properly, you will feel all the benefits of this diet, and even if, in the future, you want to pamper yourself with something delicious, extra pounds will not come back to you.

Pharmacists around the world are widely usingMagnificent properties of green tea, drawing on the experience of traditional healers. Green tea attracted attention thanks to the unique properties of natural origin. Pharmaceutical companies use its useful properties not only for the preparation of various medicines, cream oils, but also for the manufacture of various biologically active additives. To maintain the skin of the face in the right tone, you can wash with green tea in the morning and in the evening. There is another way to keep the skin toned, wipe the face, neck ice cubes of frozen green tea. This way will always cheer you up and give the skin a youthful look. Green tea in combination with the petals of the Sudanese rose will save the skin from various eruptions.

Green tea for weight loss helps to speed upExchange processes, triggering the mechanism of burning and removing excess fat from the body. If you drink a few cups of green tea daily, you can lose the accumulated fat. The same amount of green tea helps to improve the general condition of the body, supporting it in good tonus.

It is recommended to drink green tea without adding sugar. If you are unbearable to drink unsweetened tea, you can add a small amount of honey to the drink. To drink tea you need fresh tea leaves, you can brew the same portion of tea only twice. And then repeated brewing will have only 50% of useful substances, and the third is half as much. Green tea helps to overcome the increased appetite, improves digestion and removes all toxins from the body.

And here are some recipes of green tea for weight loss with milk.

To make this tea, twoLiter of fresh skim milk, which should be heated until the appearance of the first bubbles, not leading to a boil, then add a few tablespoons of green tea and let stand for fifteen minutes. The resulting tea must be filtered and poured into a thermos bottle. Tea with milk is drunk on fasting days for weight loss.

And here is another recipe for green tea with milk forSlimming: Brew green tea with water, add milk to it in proportion of 50% by 50%. Then strain and put on a slow fire for several minutes. Thus, the drink is ready for use.

Green tea with milk, it is advisable to use together with a diet, as well as as a means of accelerating the metabolism and enhancing the work of excretory organs.

This tea should be drunk strictly between meals. You need to drink tea in a warm way.

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