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Quenching with air and sun

Air quenching is the basis on whichThe whole system of hardening is built. If you decide to systematically temper your body, it is better to start with air procedures, because air affects a person from the time it was born. To activate the defenses of the body, to have a beneficial effect on it, you need to use throughout the course of your life a constant air impact. It is recommended to take an air bath every morning, completely undressed. It is in the morning that the air is most saturated with ultraviolet solar rays.

They are very useful for the human body. Under the influence of sunlight, metabolic processes are improving in the body. The solar bath raises body temperature, resulting in increased separation of sweat, which helps to remove harmful elements from the human body. Sunbaths destroy the pathogenic microflora and activate the glands of the system of internal secretion.

For hardening by air and sunAny place where there would not be a gusty, sharp wind, and where the sun's rays would fall freely fit. In summer, in cities, the temperature rises to unthinkable marks, and heated buildings and asphalt give still heat. That is why the city is not the best place for the behavior of air and solar procedures, it is better to do it in nature, outside the city, where there is even a small pond. A great place for hardening - the sea coast, where the temperature is much lower, and air activity - higher. On the seashore, man is affected not only by the sun's rays, but also by the air itself, having a rich chemical composition. It is saturated with marine mineral salts and iodine. The most favorable time for solar procedures on the beach - from eight in the morning and hours to eleven.

At the heart of hardening by air and sunA complex effect of several factors lies. This is the speed and direction of air flows, its temperature, air humidity, and how intense is the impact of the sun's rays at the given moment. It so happened that most people lead a sedentary lifestyle. This applies to work, and at home. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider separately all the factors that affect the body when hardening by air and solar procedures.

Beneficial effect of air during hardeningHelps to improve the work of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, improve the tone of the endocrine and nervous systems of the body. Under the influence of low temperature, the peripheral blood vessels contract, and the heat transfer of the body increases, which stimulates the functional activity of the skin, secretory and respiratory functions of the body. If you spend some time in the open air, when the sun shines brightly, a feeling of vivacity arises, the emotional background rises, and well-being in general. It is advisable to combine exercise with outdoor exercise. In the summer, you can play various games with the ball, and in the winter - you can skate and ski ...

Air-solar procedures during hardeningInseparable from sun baths as such. The pronounced thermal effect of infrared solar radiation contributes to the occurrence of additional heat in the body. The sun improves the circulation of blood in the body, because under the influence of sunlight, subcutaneous capillaries and larger vessels expand. Ultraviolet solar radiation contributes to the formation of vitamins. As a result of sunbathing, the resulting vitamin D Accelerates metabolism. Protein metabolism is also actively stimulated. Sunbaths contribute to increasing the body's resistance to various colds and infectious diseases. They also have bactericidal properties. Tempering by the sun can be approached even by the most lazy: you can take baths and moving, and lying on a deckchair. The only warning is that you can take solar procedures only 30 minutes after eating.

Tempering procedures with air and sunTrain the protective properties of the human body, mobilizing it for timely reaction in adverse conditions. Tempering the body is strengthening the spirit! Temper yourself to health!

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