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Paraffinotherapy for colds in the home

In paraffin therapy, onlyLiquid, melted paraffin, which is applied to skin areas in the form of applications. Do not be afraid of high paraffin temperature, having the property of low thermal conductivity, paraffin gives heat very slowly and in small portions, so it is completely safe. During the procedure, the temperature of the paraffin is on the skin layers, the temperature rises by 1, 5-2 degrees. Uniform, slow warming, entails a number of beneficial and interrelated reactions. The intercellular spaces widen, the upper layer of the skin softens, the pores of the skin open, and sweating increases. Paraffin very well isolates the area of ​​the skin, which is affected, the moisture formed does not evaporate, but re-absorbed into the skin, restoring the water balance. And for cosmetic purposes, paraffin is used precisely because of its property of effective moisturizing of the skin. By increasing the temperature of the skin, blood flow increases. This contributes to the rapid regeneration of tissues and healing of wounds, the improvement of the joints. Thanks to these properties, paraffin therapy has been widely used in medicine, in the treatment of colds, joint diseases, various injuries.

The ability of paraffin will decrease in volume atCooling, another distinctive property of paraffin. The effect of the "crushing" action of paraffin, is achieved after 25-30 minutes. The paraffin layer, cooling, covers all nearby tissues, which helps to smooth the skin. In cosmetology, such a "stretching" property of paraffin is used in the fight against facial swelling, but almost always the procedure of paraffinotherapy is not carried out as an independent procedure, but as an "upper cover" mask. On the main layer of cream or lotion containing collagen, a layer of paraffin is applied. Due to the thermal action, the active components of the cream penetrate better into the deeper layers of the skin, due to the widened intercellular spaces.

The procedure for paraffin therapy in the homeConditions is very easy and understandable. First and foremost, you need paraffin itself, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or in a beauty salon specializing in these procedures. Take into account the nuance that one procedure requires an average of 2 kilograms of paraffin. A piece of paraffin is placed in enameled dishes and melted in a water bath. Avoid getting water on the wax material. The skin before the paraffin therapy procedure must be prepared. Exfoliate the skin with a scrub, and afterwards to the place of application with paraffin, apply a moisturizing cream that plays the role of the "main mask". Before application, check the paraffin temperature on the back of the hand to avoid the possibility of a burn. Despite the fact that paraffin burns are rare, it is better to be safe and check the temperature level of the heated substance. If you perform a paraffin therapy for the hands, you need to put your hand in the paraffin to the wrist level, after 10 seconds, pull it out and put it back in the bath. So repeat 5-8 times, until the brush is covered with a thick layer of paraffin, then wrap the hand with a layer of polyethylene and put on the mitt on top. After about 25-30 minutes, remove the mittens and polyethylene, and remove paraffin wax in the direction from the wrist to the fingers. Paraffinotherapy for feet is carried out according to the same scheme.

When conducting paraffin therapy on the face,It should be taken into account that after the first layer of paraffin applied to the face, a thin gauze cloth is placed on top, then another 4-5 layers are applied, and after 20 minutes it is necessary to remove the mask, moving from neck to forehead. Use the used paraffin does not make sense, as it loses its useful properties, so for a new procedure, you need a new portion of paraffin. Paraffin is successfully used in the treatment of colds.

How is paraffin therapy used for colds at home?

As a rule, a very common symptom of coldsIs a common cold. In this case, the procedure for warming the nose with paraffin is very helpful. To do this, it is necessary to heat the paraffin in a water bath (in any case, do not heat paraffin on an open fire, it can explode). Roll gauze wrapped in 3-4 layers soaked in paraffin, put in polyethylene and wrapped with a piece of flannel fabric. This compress should be applied to the area of ​​the nose. When preparing it is desirable to use medical paraffin, which is sold in a pharmacy. When the compress has cooled, add still hot paraffin to the compress and repeat the procedure for 20 minutes. The procedure is recommended to be performed at night, the nasal sinuses warm up well and the next day there will be an improvement in the condition.

When treating a cough, effective are consideredwarming up the legs with paraffin. Gauze compress with paraffin, superimposed on the feet and wrapped in a blanket. When coughing in children, it is recommended to apply applications with hot paraffin to the back area. Previously, on the back of the child should put a diaper. The molten paraffin is placed in a gauze folded in several layers, and is superimposed on the child's back and covered with a blanket. The procedure lasts until the paraffin cools.

But do not forget that like any thermalprocedure, the use of paraffinotherapy has its own set of contraindications. It is not recommended to apply thermal procedures with paraffin to people suffering from high blood pressure, with infectious diseases, with diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, stenocardia, open wounds. For lack of all these contraindications, you can use the wonderful properties of paraffin for the benefit of your beauty and health. The procedure of paraffinotherapy is easy and universal, it can be carried out on any part of the body, and it can be done in any beauty salon or at home.

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