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Red cabbage: useful properties

Red cabbage is not always the same juicy,As her ancestor. But there are a lot more nutrients and vitamins in it. Potassium, magnesium, iron, phytoncides, enzymes, proteins and fiber - all this contains red cabbage. It is known that in ancient Rome lung diseases were treated with red cabbage juice. A tuberculosis bacillus in our body can not develop if there is red cabbage - it contains phytoncids that prevent the development of tuberculosis.

Red cabbage, its juice is used for treatmentPeople with jaundice. It has cleansing properties - it removes harmful substances from the human body, including the liver. It can also be eaten before the holidays or events, where you are going to sip a couple of glasses. Red cabbage distances the effect of alcohol.

Danish scientists have proven that red cabbageReduces the risk of developing breast cancer in women in half. Red cabbage gives the bitter taste of glucosinolates, which also prevent the division of cancer cells.

People suffering from hypertension areInclude in their diet red cabbage, because it lowers blood pressure. It is proved that it should be used for the prevention of vascular diseases. Cabbage juice contains bioflavonoids, which are necessary to prevent the fragility of capillaries, with bleeding.

Red cabbage has a strengthening effect,Helps to prevent stomach flaccidity. But in red cabbage is quite a lot of difficult-digestible fiber, so people with violations in the gastrointestinal tract from her better to give up.

Traditional medicine also did not ignoreUseful properties of red cabbage. With headaches, the head is covered with cabbage leaves, they are applied to wounds, cuts and burns. The juice of red cabbage makes the girls rouge, and men full of energy.

Anthocyanin, contained in red cabbage, givesHer special poignancy. That is why many housewives refuse to grow it on their plots. Of course, this cabbage is not as universal as white cabbage. She has a specific taste and biochemical composition. But the benefits of using it are much greater. In addition, the juice of red cabbage can be easily used in those recipes that need white cabbage. Often used for cooking marinades.

In red cabbage, the content of vitamin C is doubledMore than in white-headed, and carotene - 4 times. The use of this cabbage promotes healthy body. When you cough it is recommended to use its juice with the addition of sugar. The resulting syrup should be consumed a few spoons a day.

When growing red cabbage, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Red cabbage is more cold-resistant than white cabbage.

2. It is subject to less damage by garden pests and is protected from diseases.

3. Dense heads of red cabbage are perfectly kept in the winter.

4. Seedlings should be grown outdoors. And in May-June cabbage should be planted.

5. Red cabbage is cultivated as well as white cabbage.

Of course, red cabbage has its own specificityUse it in cooking. But most recipes are suitable for both red and white cabbage. So, how can you use red cabbage? To cook a tasty, hearty and healthy side dish to meat, chicken or mushrooms, it is enough to put out the cabbage with carrots and onions. But to save all the useful tools, it is better to cook cabbage for a couple. Red cabbage is excellent for pickling and salting, as well as white cabbage. If you do not know what to add to the vegetable salad, then do not forget about rubbed raw red cabbage. After filling the salad with olive oil, lemon juice and salt, you will get a healthy and appetizing dish.

It should be borne in mind that red cabbage and the properties it contains affect the preparation time: it is prepared longer than the white cabbage.

Red cabbage is very beautifulPurple leaf color. Colorants are carotene, xanthophyll and cyanine. Also, red cabbage is richer in methionine than other cabbage vegetables. The shade of the leaves of this cabbage depends on the acid level of the soil. In the alkaline soil, the cabbage turns blue, and the acid turns red. It is important to remember that in a dish, it can color neighboring products. To preserve this fantastic color, you can add a little vinegar or lemon juice. Cabbage will become even tastier and more beautiful.

Red cabbage is perfectly combined with fruits,Especially with apples. It is especially appetizing with apples in red wine. Also, when pickling or salting, red cabbage is cooked with apples and cranberries.

Every head of red cabbage is a depositVitamins and trace elements. It is important for every woman to look beautiful and slender. Red cabbage helps make caring for the figure light. Simple cooking recipes bring immense benefit to the female body. Beautiful and elastic skin, healthy heart, protection from cancer and tuberculosis - all this brings the red cabbage to her eater. A large amount of fiber gives a feeling of satiety without additional calories. Substances contained in red cabbage normalize metabolic processes. It is important for everyone who wants to lose weight without harm to health to cook and eat red cabbage.

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