/ What foods improve metabolism?

What foods improve metabolism?

As is known, Water - the beginning of all the beginnings on the Earth. It is everywhere, and without it life itself is impossible. Scientists have done a lot of research, which proved that water, being the most important product, is one of the most important stimulants of metabolic processes. 80% of it is our body, and it participates in all the processes of the body. Its insufficient amount leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes, but if the water is sufficient enough, metabolic processes are carried out for 100%. For a normal state of health, the human body needs about two liters a day.

One of the most important products, which stimulates metabolic processes, is pepper. Pepper, both pomegranate and spicy, has aIts composition is the substance capsaicin, which improves the metabolic processes. Scientists have proved that pepper-flavored food gives a powerful push, which leads to an acceleration of metabolic processes by about a quarter. And it is proved that capsaicin is harmful for malignant cell tissue. The substance affects the mitochondria of cells, which are responsible for supplying cells with energy, which leads to their mass death.

Green tea Also improves the metabolism in the body. Elements of tea prevent the formation of free radicals, act prophylactically on diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Green tea speeds up metabolism.

Low-fat dairy products - also excellent tools that improve the exchangeSubstances. However, very few people know about this. They have a lot of calcium. Dairy products help the body produce calcitriolane, a hormone that helps cells burn fat. Scientists have proved that regular consumption of dairy products can increase the metabolic rate to 70 percent.

Of course, talking about products that stimulate metabolic processes, we can not say about Citrus fruits. Grapefruit juice, for example, reduces the level ofInsulin in the blood, which reduces the desire to eat "anything." And, as you know, the less you eat, the fewer calories you get into the body, and as a consequence, the fewer kilograms you gain. Citrus fruits stimulate the work of the digestive tract and increase the body's immunity. They are an excellent preventive remedy for diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver. By itself, vitamin C is quite unstable, but if you compare vegetables and fruits, then the citrus fruits "hold" in itself all the same stronger. Orange, tangerine, lemon juice even after boiling well retain vitamins. Citrus fruits are useful both fresh and canned.

It is known that Whole-grain Products also improve metabolism. They have a lot of fiber. Digesting natural fibers, the body needs more energy, which means that a lot of calories are consumed. Whole-grain products retain all trace elements and vitamins in their natural form. Fortunately, today in stores you can find a rich assortment of whole-grain products.

Many find it hard to imagine food without the addition of meat products. But it is not only possible, but very necessary. The only thing, meat Should not be too greasy. Suitable fish, poultry. Meat is rich in proteins, which the body digests with difficulty. Therefore, to digest it, the body will need to increase energy costs and burn more calories. With the use of meat products, metabolic processes are accelerated by more than fifty percent.

To accelerate the metabolic processes of the body are very useful spice. Including ginger, herbs, cinnamon and other fragrant spices in your diet, we increase metabolic rate by about ten percent and stimulate the body as a whole.

Sladkoekhkam will be pleased to learn what you can eat without experiencing the torture of conscience, chocolate, But only natural, not dairy or any other. Bitter natural chocolate also improves the metabolic rhythms of the body.

It is possible to speed up the work of metabolism, using Nuts, Only do not need to get involved. They give a feeling of saturation, but at the same time they are extremely caloric.

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